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9 Lip Balm Survival Hacks

While browsing the site, you may have noticed that Chapstick (and many other brands of lip balms) pop up in quite a few EDCs. The obvious reason being that it prevents chapped lips, sure. But you might be surprised to learn it's capable of much more—especially in a survival situation. While the all-natural stuff may be the best for your lips, throwing a stick or two of the oil-based kind in your EDC bag can get you out of a few jams. In this guide, you'll learn 9 different ways to turn your ordinary lip balm into an unexpected survival tool.

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Opinel Bricolage No.9 DIY Pocket Knife

You've probably used your everyday carry knife for something you shouldn't have, like turning a screw (not judging, we've all done it!). You know deep down it's not good for the blade, but sometimes, you've got to improvise. With the Opinel Bricolage Knife, you can DIY guilt-free thanks to its extra set of nifty tools built right into the knife. And while there are plenty of reliable knives like the Opinel—great for beginners and veteran EDCers alike—not all come with added functionality to handle more than just slicing.

This classic, French-made folder looks sharp, but carries safe thanks to its locking blade collar. Opened up, its Sandvik stainless steel blade measures in at 3.2” long for plenty of usable cutting edge. But what makes the blade special isn't as obvious. At the base of the blade, you'll find two notches specifically designed to strip and cut wires during your DIY projects.

The Opinel DIY can also handle the all too common loose screw that needs tightening. You can pop either of the included bits (Philips or flathead) into the magnetic bit holder on the bottom of the handle, making it easier to hold when driving screws. Once you're done, you can stow the bit back right into the handle for easy carrying.

At first glance, this Opinel might look like your average pocket knife, but don't be fooled. If you want to do a little more with your everyday carry knife, grab the Opinel DIY from the link below.

Buy on Amazon: $24.97*

* Prices shown reflect the price at the time of publishing and may have adjusted since.

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My Everyday Carry

Editor’s Note: I think.. I’m doing it wrong…
EDIT: chris says I should BRING AMBALAMPZ

My Everyday Carry

submitted by johnstortz

had to get copies of my keys made, and two of them looked identical, so i took a dremel to one and gave it a bottle opener.

surely been done millions of times, but thought EDC would appreciate it.

Editor’s Note: This is really cool, actually.. Simple, but useful and easy. This looks like a good idea for minimalists who want a bottle opener functionality without adding to their existing carry. Nice B)
Oh, and about the “been done millions of times,” thing.. This is the first time I’ve seen it, haha. Thanks for sharing.