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If you like to read as a hobby, work in arts and crafts, or get busy on the weekend with DIY projects, good lighting is as essential as any tool in your kit. Since you’re focusing your eyesight for extended periods of time, using low-quality lights that are too bright, too dim, or inaccurate for certain tasks can cause a lot of strain. As a maker himself, Jason Hui of Prometheus lights designed and built the Task Master Mini, a super-versatile task light that gives plenty of illumination and unmatched color accuracy for all your everyday projects.

Even from just its bulb you’re able to see how much thought went into the Task Master Mini. It features a SORAA Brilliant 9050 High CRI bulb, capable of putting out up to 600 lumens of 3000K warm light that offers 90+ CRI of color accuracy. This means better identification for more sensitive visual tasks like electronics and model work, while still offering an eye-pleasing tint that helps you work for extended periods.

The light’s unique feature is in its attachments that modify its beam angle. By default, the beam sits at 10°, but by attaching  the included magnetic pieces you can adjust the beam angle to 25° or 36°. This versatility allows you to have a beam as focused or as wide as you need, without having to fumble or fiddle with complicated interfaces or moving parts.

The Task Master Mini’s construction features a 3/4″ loc-line “neck” divided into individually adjustable segments, allowing for intricate angles and positions. If you have some experience in wiring, you can also modify the light’s length. Its head is also particularly lightweight, allowing you to adjust its position and bearing with ease.

The work light comes with a 2.5“ magnetic base for mounting, which features a 2″ neodymium cup magnet rated for 236 pounds of holding force, so you can be rest assured that it absolutely stays put no matter where it’s attached. And one more thoughtful feature: since it has such a potent holding force, the base comes outfitted with a rubber foot, so you can protect the surfaces where the Task Master Mini gets deployed.

Light up your workshop and get to work with the Task Master Mini, available from Prometheus Lights at the link below.

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