10 Trending Essentials from March

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Every day, readers like you proudly share their daily carries to the site. When you see something awesome in an EDC photo and click on it, you’re also letting other EDCers know you find that gear interesting. The most popular gear that get the most views and clicks climb their way to the top of the product feed on the right hand side of the homepage for the community to know what’s trending.

I’ll be covering 10 essentials that topped the list from March. I should mention that this list is not an exact top 10 ranking from the data. I’ve left out the usual suspects and gear that’s no longer available. With that said, the gear highlighted here is definitely worth the look. Did any of your EDC make the list? Let’s get into it…

Fortius Arms Keybiner

As seen in: Jose’s Video Producer EDC 

Used by over 30 EDCers

This key organizer/carabiner hybrid is no stranger to the trending gear list, jumping up a few ranks to take March’s #1 spot. It keeps your keys silent and reduces bulk with its skeletonized, integrated carabiner. It also comes in a wide variety of colors and finishes, making it easy to match some of the most common EDC aesthetics.

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Rite in the Rain Tactical Clicker Pen

As seen in: American Made from Sam, an EMT & Firefighter

Used by 11 EDCers

This pen managed to snag the #3 spot on the list, which may come as a surprise. At first glance, it’s a very unassuming pen as far as EDC options go. But that might be the basis of its appeal—it’s a simple, form-follows-function pen with the all-conditions writing performance Rite in the Rain’s known for.

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Leatherman Raptor

As seen in: Colin’s EMT EDC

Used by 36 EDCers

This shears-based multi-tool ranked #4. It’s a staple piece of kit for many first responders and medics in the field. Even if you’re not a firefighter or EMT, you might find these trauma shears a good fit for your emergency kit.

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Flyshark Pocket Wireless Keyboard

As seen in: Digital Consultant EDC from Chris Chan

Coming in at #5 is a wireless keyboard that actually fits in your pocket. It’s ultra-thin and foldable, making it an ideal mobile office essential for digital nomads and on-the-go professionals. Pair it with your phone or tablet and get things done.

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As seen in: Wanderer/photographer EDC from Etienne, art director

March’s #6 is another iPhone-compatible gadget. It’s a high performance digital camera that maintains its tiny footprint by plugging into your iPhone to use for its viewfinder and controls. It’s a big step up from your phone’s camera if you’re looking to take your fire grams to the next level.

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NutSac Man-Bag, Dammit

As seen in: Ray Saltrelli’s Software Dev/Gamer EDC

Used by 2 EDCers

This one goes out to all of us with a bit more than our pockets alone can carry (and the confidence to rock a small bag. It’s 2016, don’t sweat it). Its name isn’t even the best part about this bag—it’s made in the USA from heavy-duty waxed canvas for a durable, functional, and casual EDC.

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Invicta Force Collection Left-handed Watch

As seen in: Chrispian’s Greyscale Carry

This watch from Invicta puts a ton of time-keeping information on your wrist. Right away, you might notice its crown and buttons sit on the left side of the case, making it a good option for southpaws or righties looking for a comfortable watch. Its 46mm case gives the subdials and tachymeter feature enough room for easy legibility too.

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Spyderco Tenacious

As seen in: Zac’s Revised EDC

Used by 150 EDCers

150+ EDCers in our community alone can’t be wrong when it comes to this knife for daily duty. It’s a crowd favorite for veterans and beginners alike, thanks to its accessible price and ease of use. With its useful blade shape, easy opening thumb hole, grippy and durable G10 handles, simple liner lock, and highly configurable pocket clip, it’s solid all around.

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Nitecore Tube

As seen in: Mason’s Spring Break Carry

Used by over 85 EDCers

The Tube is quickly finding its way onto more and more keychains, for good reason. Its innovative design and features turned our expectation of what a keychain light could be on its head. It’s super compact, light weight, USB rechargeable, with a variable output up to 45 lumens… all for less than 15 bucks.

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OneTigris Compact EDC Pouch

As seen in: Edward’s EDC Pouch

Plenty of us use tactical gear pouches for storing and organizing our gear. It’s a nice grab-and-go solution for gear you might not need in your pocket, but instead for specialty items for different situations (like a first aid kit). This one rounds out our list most likely because it’s a change of pace from the more common Maxpedition organizers we see submitted. Instead of opening up like a book, this pouch has top-loading, quick-access pockets to stash your essentials.

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Curious to see how these trends change over time? Check out our monthly roundups from the archive for even more excellent gear.

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