Colin B
Philadelphia, PA
Excluding the patches (They're there for show, I'm sure you're impressed) this is my work EDC. The only additional gear picked up at the station before the start of my day would be a portable radio and ambulance keys.

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Robert Razavi ·
Very cool, very cool... Not many EDC setup have tourniquet!
Colin B ·
Most likely aggressively unnecessary born out of extreme caution. I prefer to have something that could potentially save mine or my partners life close to the vest rather than tucked away in my gear bag.

Considering the serious amount of pockets I have on my uniform, I think this is worth the space.
Michael Mutant ·
Check out the custom kydex sheath for the Ka-Bar that NSR Tactical makes. Highly recommend it over the stock/included sheath.
Colin B ·
I plan to check it out! Thanks.
Jonathan M Kidd ·
no scope?!
Colin B ·
Kept it out if the photo due to space and forgot to mention it in the summary section. I'm surprised I forgot about it until this moment right now, it's essentially attached to my neck.
Michael Mutant ·
The zippo case with bits is awesome.
J.S. Leonard ·
Must be a new grad.
Colin B ·
Year and a half out of school, year and some change into 911 time. I believe the term is "the ink isen't even dry" on my certification yet
JC Murz ·
The Ka-Bar TDI is great, but the stock sheath is a disappointment, like trusting your fingers while carrying a Cold Steel Peacekeeper in its regular plastic sheath!
Colin B ·
I have yet to have a issue with it, and to be honest I actually like the look of it. Disregarding that, I plan to check out the above commenters suggestion.
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