3 US-Made Essentials to Level Up Your EDC

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In an emergency situation, access to two types of light are essential: a flashlight to see you through when the sun goes down, and fire for the most dire survival scenarios. But to truly be prepared for the situation at hand, you’ll need quick access to both options, including a solid grip on your light, plenty of extra batteries nearby, and ensuring you have fire when you need it most. In the dark, the last thing you’ll want is to drop your light or have to rummage through your pack for fresh batteries, and a dried up lighter is dead weight.

That’s why Thyrm designed their products to give your emergency setup that extra edge when it matters most. Their CellVault battery cases make it much easier to carry spare batteries, SwitchBack flashlight rings grant fast, secure access to your EDC light, and their PyroVault ensures your favorite lighter always has fuel in the tank. All of their products are made in the USA from premium high-impact plastics with some thoughtful design that easily integrates and matches your EDC.

Thyrm SwitchBack

Thyrm’s SwitchBack rings add a level of security and usability to how you handle your favorite flashlight. While they’re designed to improve your grip on a tactical light while shooting, they have some everyday applications as well. You can attach the SwitchBack onto your flashlight (make sure to check the compatibility chart!) so it’s easier to hold onto. The high-impact plastic ring allows you to retrieve your light from a pocket or bag and activate it with with a tactical overhand or “cigar”-style grip. And since your finger goes through a ring, you maintain retention even while using both hands. It’s a great way to add EDC capability to a flashlight that’s needs a clip, while also improving its tactile functionality.

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Thyrm CellVault

Thyrm’s CellVault battery cases are specifically designed to carry a range of the most common battery types found in EDC lights. The standard version fits either four AAAs, two AAs, or three CR123s. The XL version can pack in 2 18650s, up to six CR123s, 8 AAAs, or 4 AAs. You can mix and match the battery types to accommodate different lights and gear you’re carrying. Inside the XL you’ll find a divider that keeps your batteries from knocking into each other. Both cases can attach to MOLLE straps on the outside of a bag for quicker access. Despite its name, the CellVault is great for carrying small EDC items other than batteries. Since they’re waterproof, they make an ideal home for a small survival kit, lighter, matches, and anything else that you want to keep both dry and quick to grab. They’re available in a variety of colors commonly used on tactical bags and gear, so check which works best for your flashlight needs.

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Thyrm PyroVault

The Thyrm PyroVault locks things down in an extremely durable, heat-resistant polymer enclosure sized to accommodate most butane and fluid windproof lighter inserts. It features aggressive grip surfaces and a spring-loaded latch for easy one handed use. Most importantly, its o-ring seal keeps elements out and minimizes fuel evaporation, making it a much more worthy companion for your outdoor excursions and less likely to run out of fuel when you’re out in the field. The PyroVault also adds one of the most conspicuously absent features on a lighter: a pocket clip. The back of the PyroVault features a low-profile clip designed to attach to MOLLE/PALS webbing on your pack or other compatible gear.

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All of Thyrm’s products are made in the USA from high-quality materials that are designed to withstand military, law enforcement, and survival applications. Pick up a SwitchBack, CellVault, PyroVault from Thyrm through the links above.

This is a sponsored post presented by Thyrm.

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