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Many would consider an EDC blade to be an essential part of their carry, but not all knives are the same. Some of the best-made knives can still be too heavy to be convenient, which is what makes Deejo knives so special. The barebones, skeletonized design strips away every possible excess bulk, leaving you with a lightweight blade you can rely on, customized exactly to your liking to be a one-of-a-kind addition to your everyday kit.

Deejo offers a wide range of materials and aesthetics, but the 3.7” 420 stainless steel blade is the workhorse that gets things done. Its liner lock ensures that it’ll stay secure while in use and safely tucked away when you don’t need it. The curved frame makes it easy to pocket and helps keep it comfortable in the hand, all without sacrificing the ultra-minimalist look. The thin build and large pivot also make one-handed deployment a breeze, so if you’re in the middle of a project and need a quick slice you won’t have to fumble around for your blade. Then there are the plethora of customization options that let you inject some personality into your tool.

There are three different sizes, three finishes, and numerous handle materials that you can choose from. The largest size weighs just 37 grams, but you can go even lighter with 27 and 15 gram options as well. For the handle, you can go with natural wood, colored wood, or carbon fiber, to name a few. The stainless steel of the blade can also be grey or black titanium, and for a unique twist, you can “tattoo” a special design onto the blade at no extra cost. There are over 60 options to choose from ranging from roses to a Viking dragon and everything in between. You can take it a step further by also engraving your name or a short message onto the thin metal frame of the blade for an extra dose of customization.

Whether you’re looking to build yourself the ultimate minimalist knife or are looking to gift someone a blade as a sentimental heirloom, the Deejo is a worthy addition to any EDC. Its thin and unassuming build is a good choice whether you’re in a suit or a pair of blue jeans, and the option to customize it to your liking makes it mean that much more. Make sure to click the link below if you want to start building one for yourself.

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