EDC is Everyday Carry

At Everyday Carry we provide an in-depth look into the pockets, professions, and lives of our community. Since 2009, we’ve been committed to helping people discover items to improve their day-to-day lives, prepare for adventure, excel in the workplace and tackle unexpected emergencies in stride.

Through our website, users can share their everyday carry (EDC) essential items carried on a daily basis or for a specific task, browse others’ EDCs, and explore a database of popular, tried-and-true products used by peers for related professions and interests. Our goal is to help you find the right tools for the job and provide a community for you to share your EDC and the story behind it.

The Team

Daniel Saltman


“I have spent most of my career working on tech startups, so I really hold the ‘geeky’ roots of EDC very close. I was first introduced to EDC about 10 years ago. Up until that point, I knew that I spent time on refining my carry, but I did not know there were others who cared about it as well. I think moving forward, what resonates with me is being able to provide a better platform for people to discover items that improve their life.”

Jonathan Smyth


“Drawing from my deep roots in jolly old England, I have learned to emphasize the quality and heritage in regards to Everyday Carry. Focusing on items with history and depth, character and roots defines the critical aspects of EDC for me. God save the Queen!”

Bernard Capulong

Editor In Chief

“I’ve always had a passion for gadgets and gear. Having studied biomedical engineering in college, I paid close attention to useful design. My borderline obsessive research as a result of my academic background and serial hobbyism led to the creation of Everyday Carry in 2009 as a personal blog to document neat finds, curate quality content, and to share a favorite interest of mine with new audiences.”

Cole Turner

Full Stack Developer

“Finding the right EDC is a lot like writing code. It has to work well and last long. As a web engineer I need my carry to be lightweight and stretch over many uses. Besides EDC I enjoy building websites, playing fetch with my dog, and video games.”

Chris Doherty

Community Lead

“I like things in my life to be straightforward and effective, especially when it comes to what I carry on a daily basis. Working in the IT field I'm constantly looking for the newest gadgets and technology to incorporate into my EDC. The items I choose for my carry not only have be high quality and visually pleasing, they have be lightweight and easily concealed.”

Mikey Bautista

Managing Editor

“I like gear built well enough to last a lifetime as much as I like being ready for any situation, so the principles of EDC are a natural fit for my lifestyle. I'm constantly thinking about how best to streamline the items I take along with me to be more efficient in everything I do. Discovering awesome products every day and sharing them with the world through the site is both a pleasure and an honor.”

Jacob Dean


“Coming from a food and travel writing background, having a comprehensive and lightweight kit is important, since I never know where my day is going to take me or when inspiration might strike. My EDC helps me stay prepared for when plans change, and is built on the idea that anything worth carrying needs to be well-designed, durable, reliable, and (hopefully) lightweight.”

Mike Espineli


“Everyday carry is my lifestyle and passion. Just like the clothes a person chooses to wear—I firmly believe that my gear serves as an additional outlet to express myself and personal design aesthetic. With that said I love all things modern and monochromatic. Coming from a visual arts background, I also enjoy and partake in photography and typography. Besides EDC my other passion is helping people and am currently studying to go into the EMS field.”

Ed Jelley


“I’ve been EDCing for some time now, always on the lookout for gear that balances both aesthetics and function. My preference is towards the minimal side of things, but all of the small details are where it counts for me. I also have a passion for analog writing instruments, photography, and of course writing. I love being able to provide people with insight on how to further their hobby and learn more about it..”

Adam Molina


“I’ve been a part of EDC before I even knew what it was. I commuted throughout elementary school and have always been very aware of what items come with me and what gets left behind. Although I may have swapped out my gameboy for a smartphone, that same careful consideration has stayed with me over the years. To me a good carry is a light carry, so I’m always looking for gadgets and gear with a high cool-to-weight ratio. Currently I am working towards a degree in biology and live the life of a digital nomad.”

Jonathan Tayag


“As a multidisciplinary jack-of-all-trades, I’ve always sought to carry around the tools and gadgets needed to fulfill the varied tasks required of me. I seek efficient solvency for everyday problems, and the best alternatives to them if needed. I look forward to sharing what I learn with you all.”

Fred Weinestad

Creative Designer

“I am a Swedish man with an interest in interactive design, traditional print and everything in between. Internet stole my heart at a very early age and is to this day my longest lasting relationship. To push pixels and use my brain for the benefit of digital creations is what makes me giggle. Currently residing in Amsterdam working for high end fashion and lifestyle brands while enjoying social adventures.”

Ashley Woo


“As a content creator (photography, writing, music and additional mediums), specialized pursuits necessitate esoteric gear. Having to invest in the equipment not only comes along with the role, but literally has to come along with you. A better way to carry more with less—whether a cumbersome yet fragile musical instrument, or a costly set of drafting utensils—has always been a priority.”