Benchmade in 2022: The 317 Weekender

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The Weekender is Benchmade’s second incursion into the world of slipjoints, with their first foray being the premium and popular Benchmade Proper. The Weekender goes a step further and adds a second blade to the package, taking inspiration from traditional two-knife and multi-tool offerings. Case in point: the addition of what likely inspired its name, a bottle opener beside the smaller blade. The Weekender is a fresh hybrid between old and new, and a unique new style for Benchmade to explore, and we’re excited to see if the end product is worth more than the sum of its parts.


3“ Clip point blade
2“ Spear point blade
CPM S30V steel
Non-locking slipjoint opening
Nail hole openers
G-10 or Micarta scales

What we like: While some people might prefer to carry even more functions in a full-sized multi-tool, there’s a niche to be filled by the Weekender’s more minimal option. The two-blade design also allows versatility without having to carry two separate knives, letting you tackle multiple tasks from a single everyday carry. The larger clip point blade is a solid general-purpose option, excelling at slicing tasks with its longer belly. The smaller spear point blade—like its predecessors—is your go-to for smaller tasks like paring or whittling. And while the addition of a bottle opener seems like an afterthought, it’s a unique addition that may come in the handiest (or most refreshing) after a long day of work.

What we don’t like: Despite being a modern interpretation of traditional slipjoint knives, what the Weekender is missing is a way to carry it other than just keeping it inside your pocket or bag. It may be a more accurate representation of traditional slipjoints, but the lack of a pocket clip or even a lanyard hole takes away from its carry convenience. If the traditional design is already going to be modified with the (very welcome) addition of a bottle opener, it seems an odd choice not to include at least one of the previous options for the sake of a sleeker profile.

Its price is another serious consideration. The Weekender rides the line between traditional slipjoint and modern-day knife, but sits at a price point where you would expect a more premium set of materials. While made in the USA construction is a fair proposition, its ask may be hard to justify for both collectors and casual EDCers alike considering its competition from both the knife and multi-tool sides.

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