The Best Bottle Openers for EDC

The Best Bottle Openers for EDC

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Chances are, you probably already have a bottle opener (or six) on you once you're all geared up. Bottle openers are so popular in EDC gear thanks to their simple design that makes them easy to add in. But because of how common they may be, they don't get as much attention they deserve. The truth is, there are so many interesting and fun ways to integrate a bottle opener into your everyday carry. Even if you don't drink often, they're great to have at parties (you'll make friends quick if you can help open beers for everyone). So, why not carry one? If you don't EDC one already, or feel like upgrading what you've been cracking open cold ones with, we've rounded up 20 of our favorite bottle openers below.

Pangea Designs PiCO Titanium Micro Bottle Opener

This is an extremely minimalist take on the standard bottle opener that you might have on your keychain. With a bit of help from a split ring, this tiny bit of titanium does the work of larger keychain bottle openers at a fraction of the size and weight.

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Leatherman Brewzer

The Leatherman Brewzer is a slightly larger bottle opener, but its added length provides leverage and makes it easier to use. The beer-shaped hole isn't just for show, it's a wrench as well as a place for you to attach it to your keys or lanyard.

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FutureRelic Keychain Bottle Opener

The small cylindrical design of this minimalist bottle opener saves you space and discomfort in your pockets. It's also made of brass, which will add a timeless element to your everyday carry once it develops an attractive patina.

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SnakeBite Bottle Opener

The SnakeBite is a small keychain version of the traditional churchkey bottle opener. It isn't just handy for opening bottles, you can use it to open cans, too.

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Gerber Shard

The Shard is one of the most popular bottle opener tools available, because it packs a ton of functionality in a tiny footprint. Aside from the bottle opener, you also get a Phillips-head screwdriver, pry bar, and wire stripper.

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Victorinox Swiss Army Waiter

With the Waiter in your pockets, you'll have everything you need to open bottles. That includes wine bottles, too. That's because it has a knife for the foil and a corkscrew as well.

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EDC Spinner Bottle Opener

This bottle opener multitool adds a bit of fun by including a ball bearing spinner. Open a beer and occupy some time fidgeting with it on your next outing.

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Go-Comb Combo Wallet Sized Bottle Opener

This combination comb and bottle opener is designed to fit in your standard credit card wallet slot. While it's made for beards, nothing is really stopping you from combing your hair and then opening a cold one.

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Corter Bottlehook

The design of the Bottlehook allows you to quite literally hook it and your keys to the belt loop on your pants. With a lifetime warranty against breakage, you can feel confident in using the Bottlehook whenever you need for a long time to come.


CRKT Snailor

This Voxnaes-designed tool might look like a snail, but its clip action allows you to get to your keys in a flash. The bottle opener is at the mouth of the snail, and its eye doubles as a lanyard hole.

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The one piece design of this pry tool/bottle opener allows it to clip to your pants pocket, much like a pocket knife. Drinks aren't the only thing it can open, either. Its flathead edge also rips packing tape, making it a handy everyday tool.


Kershaw Shuffle II

If you're looking for a full-fledged EDC knife that includes a bottle opener, the Shuffle II is the best. You'll find the bottle opener in the handle, and it works on either side.

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Trayvax Element

Your wallet carries the ID you need to get a beer. Why shouldn't it also include the tool you need to get that beer open? With the Trayvax Element you have exactly that.

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NiteIze DooHicKey

The DoohicKey has a larger carabiner-style clip to go with the bottle opener and the other handy features present in this multitool. You can use the tip to open boxes as well as unscrew flatheads and the side has a ruler for small measuring tasks.

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Everyman Porter Key Knife

Minimize your carry and consolidate your bottle opener and utility knife into one small tool with the Porter Key Knife. Its shape lets it run discreet with the rest of your keys.

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Prometheus Epsilon EKO

If you like the idea of a key-shaped bottle opening tool but you don't want it to have a sharp edge, the Epsilon EKO is for you. It's a single piece of titanium with a bottle opener and a squared-off edge that can be used to open boxes if the need arises.


Scout Hook Keychain

Sometimes, you don't want it to be so obvious that you've got a bottle opener on you. The Scout Hook's discreet design looks like a classic key hook on your belt loop, but it doubles as a sturdy bottle opener too.


TI-EDC Cash Clip Bottle Opener

This one's for us cash-carrying EDCers. This lightweight titanium cash clip has a bottle opener at the top and plenty of room to carry your bills.

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Unsettle & Co. Gunmetal HK Clip Bottle Opener

If you prefer the HK clip style of keeping your keys together while still having a discreet bottle opener involved, this is the pick for you. It's not too obvious that it even has an opener but if you look closely you'll see it built into the strap.


Butterfly Bottle Opener

Okay, so this is more flashy than it is practical, but you can definitely make a splash whipping this out amongst friends when opening a beer. It's a balisong butterfly knife except with a bottle opener instead of a blade. Play with this and practice your skills without the danger of arrest or injury next time you're out and about.

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What's your favorite way to crack open a cold one? Let us know in the comments below. Cheers!

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I would be remiss if I didn't include one that anyone can have for the right price of $FREE.99 and that is a folded piece of paper. This will make you the man (or woman) of the party. Can you tell that I get excited about bottle openers?
Of the ones I own...
Brewzer - The opener is a bit too far back for good leverage. I think it needs to moved forward about 1/4". Otherwise, works OK.
SAK opener - The leading edge is a bit thin/sharp, tends to punch through difficult bottle caps, but it works OK. Sometimes have to re-position it to get a cap off.
Shard - The prybar angled end makes it difficult to get caps off in one try, the hook end is a bit sharper than necessary and I actually chipped a bottle top with it once.
Doohickey - Poor design all-around with the biner gate placed right where your finger rests as you try to use the opener.
My favorite isn't on the list...The CRKT Viva. It's one of the largest EDC openers, but I find it works the best for it's intended purpose. If I know there's going to be some session drinking going on, it'll be hanging from my beltloop!
DooHickey... Agreed, massive thumbs down!
No problem for small hands, I use my DooHicKey regularly to open bottles and boxes.
I love my Shard but it lives up to its name- I've chipped bottle tops twice with it. Nothing takes the wind out of your sails like a freshly opened beer with a handful of invisible glass Shards inside.
I have a couple über-minimal keychain screwdrivers so the TEC Accessories Bot-L-Bit is a tiny, functional conversation starter I carry. Once the Kickstarter project for the Bit Bar delivers I'm set!
Bit Bar, I ordered it as well. The opener is the cherry. I got both for the Key orginization.
Nothing I own can crack open a cold one better than my Leatherman Skeletool. The Kershaw Shuffle 8700 opener doesn't work very well, but will do in a pinch. It's good to see the drastic improvement in the Shuffle II. will buy on sight.
I have a [email protected]#$ load of openers that I rotate in my EDC. The two that I have used the most this year are the Kock SoloTitan Ti (22) and The Lever Tool Card. The SoloTitan gets the most claps from the THOTs! Great article Jonathan.
I like this list, but it's missing the ScrewPop magnetic screwdriver. Solid bottle opener and a pocket sized screwdriver that has the driver centered.
Nice piece of kit. It's part of my rotation, but admittingly not for quite some time.
These are some great bottle openers, and I actually own a couple of them on the list! But my favorite is the Beerd Tool by Otto Tactical Tools (! It pops tops like nobody's business and I always have one with me!
I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the recon, RAH!
Great list. I do love a good keychain bottle opener. Personally I've found the DooHickey to be next to useless. The Corter Bottlehook is one of my favourites. You've left out Grovemade's Key Ring. It has a slight knack to use it but its a fantastic opener and keyring. Also, check out Brian Coffey on Etsy. He makes great openers and prytools.
I concur, The DooHickey was a waste of coin. I sharpened the edge just because. The Grovemade Key Ring is one that I don't have. I'll have to get once Riki Tiki! Brian Coffey you say? Roger...
Little late to the party here but I would also suggest Bev-Keys. If you dont mind a little extra weight, they are really well made and you can get them customized for fairly cheap. The one I carry now was my dads from when he was 15, making it about 30 years old. They last forever.
The Wilmont Knives Beer Defender is my first and last pick. What good is an open beer if you can't defend it?
I'm completely in love with my NiteIze DooHicKey
Some are to big. After reviewing on Etsy, I'm liking the future relic a lot.
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