The 10 Best Keychain Flashlights for EDC

Your keychain is one of the most convenient places to keep your tools. You carry your keys every day anyway, so adding extra gear to them—like a flashlight—ensures you always stay prepared.

You might think to get a flashlight that's powerful enough to be worth carrying would take up way too much pocket space. But thanks to LED and battery tech, even smaller modern lights are more than powerful enough for everyday use. The best part is that many of them can live right on your keychain, always within reach.

A good part of our days is spent in the dark, so carrying a light is always a bright idea. Here are 10 of the best flashlights that can go on your keychain to round out your EDC.

The Best Multi-functional Keychains for EDC

No matter how streamlined your EDC is, there’s no avoiding carrying keys. If you're going to toss them on a keychain anyway, why not use one that adds some extra functionality to your EDC? 

A good EDC keychain will not only carry your keys, but also handle everyday tasks like opening bottles and boxes, prying, and driving screws. 

Whether you’re looking for something discrete that won’t look out of place at work or something a little more tactical, a multifunctional keychain is a quick and easy way to upgrade your key situation and round out your carry. 

In this guide, we’ll help you carry smarter with 10 of the best multifunction keychains you can get.

Gorgon Loop KeyClip

From clips to climbing carabiners, there's a ton of ways to carry your keychain. They're great for freeing up your pockets while still keeping your EDC handy, but sometimes take a bit too much space themselves. Or needing that extra step to unfasten or unhook just to get to your gear. Simple and lightweight, Gorgon Loop's KeyClip slides onto a pocket or belt loop without any fuss, suspending your gear without getting in your way.

The KeyClip is made from skeletonized titanium and stainless steel, making it strong enough to carry the heaviest of keychains but remaining light itself. It's thin and narrow so it can act like another key on the ring. A bottle opener is integrated into the KeyClip, with the “bump” in its design helping with retention on the clip side and also letting you help yourself to a cold one when needed.

A little suspense in life is always good. There's plenty of time to back the KeyClip in your choice of material and design (Gorgon Loop also offers a version with just the bottle opener) at the Kickstarter link below.

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Chums Key Quiver

"Cheap. Simple. And effective at rectifying that mess of keys in your pocket. The Chums Key Quiver is made up of a silicone sleeve and a fastener that turn a bundle of keys into a Swiss Army Knife of sorts, albeit one that’s suited to opening doors and locks. Four keys fit inside along with the included tasker tool that adds a few more gadgets to your arsenal, namely a bottle opener, both flathead and..." (via GearHungry)

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Gamble Gaslight

With all the stuff we carry, it's really easy to lose track of our gear. Keychains are especially notorious for mysteriously going missing, not to mention whatever you toss in your EDC pack. Having the right tool for the job when we need it the most is crucial—after all, you don't want to be fumbling for the right set of keys outside in the rain or rummaging through your backpack looking for a flashlight or knife in an emergency.

That's where a locator fob like Gamble's Gaslight comes in. It's an addition to your everyday carry that you can attach to a keychain or piece of gear that instantly makes it easier to find (not to mention look way more stylish).

Within the frame of the Gaslight is an Embrite module, a phosphorescent pellet that retains a glow when exposed to sunlight or UV light. It comes in two colors and a number of materials, so you can use multiple Gaslights to segregate, organize, and identify your gear immediately on sight. And thanks to its size, the Gaslight take up much space or weigh down your gear, so it's no hassle adding one to the rest of your EDC.

Stop second-guessing and grab the gear you need at a glance. Pledge for a Gaslight in your choice of exotic and rugged materials at the Kickstarter link below.

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This is a sponsored post presented by Gamble.

Gifts For Men - Your Buying Guide to Everyday Carry

If you’re like us, finding the right gear to EDC for ourselves is hard enough. Trying to find a gift for another like-minded EDCer can be daunting, if not utterly exhausting. How do you pick something they’ll appreciate, actually use, and be proud to carry? Our Everyday Carry gift guide should help.

Bellroy Key Cover

Quick EDC quiz: What do your keys and your EDC wallet have in common? If you guessed that they're both some of the most important daily essentials, you'd be right… But unfortunately, they're also some of the trickiest to carry. So it makes sense that after mastering the art of stashing cards, cash, and coins with their expansive collection of minimalist wallets, Bellroy's got their sights set on the next carry conundrum: your keychain. Their latest design is like a mix between a leather wallet and a swiveling key organizer, and it's as functional as it is elegant.

The way your keys load into the Key Cover is similar to the more common metal plate key organizers out there, but the setup is much more convenient. Up to 4 keys on the standard sized cover (or up to 8 keys on the larger Plus version) loop through an integrated elastic “keeper.” The keeper's design avoids the hassle of fussing with tiny screws and posts, and also adds a bit of give and travel when swiveling your keys out.

For a quiet and protected carry, your keys take cover inside a “bifold” design that snaps shut magnetically. Like most of Bellroy's wallets, the Key Covers are made with a high quality veg tan leather (in three different colors). On the outside, there's a leather loop for attaching a car fob (or maybe a split ring loaded with useful keychain gear). The result is lightweight, neatly organized key setup that carries comfortably in the pocket and won't scratch up the rest of your kit.

You can pick up a Key Cover in in two sizes and three colors over at Bellroy's shop at the link below.


8 "HK Clip" Keychains That Make Carrying Keys a Snap

From your run-of-the-mill carabiner to a custom-configured key organizer, carrying keys can get pretty complex. If you want something simple and reliable, all it takes is good hardware.

The “HK-style” clip you see here on plenty of EDC keychains is a great example. It has a sturdy, spring-loaded gate that's sized just-right for opening with your thumb, a 1” slot on one end, coming to a smooth, pointed tip on the other. It gets its name from its common use of attaching slings to Heckler & Koch rifles. If these HK clips can carry a rifle, they'll definitely work for your keys.

Today, we've rounded up 8 interesting keychains based on the HK clip. They take it to the next level with special materials and extra features, resulting in an assortment of solid EDC keychains that make your carrying keys and micro tools a snap.

KeySmart Rugged Extended Key Holder

Nobody likes pocket jangle, and its main culprit are usually your keys. When loose in your pocket they make noise, uncomfortable bulges, and even scratches on the other gear next to them. KeySmart's pocket key organizers have been solving this problem for a while, and you may have seen them in the many other EDCs on the site.

This version adds a few features to manage your keys even better. At its core is the KeySmart Rugged Extended base model, allowing you to fit and deploy 2-4 keys. As its name suggests, it's a tougher version of the original KeySmart, with a thicker build for added durability and a slightly larger frame to fit international keys. You'll need it when using its expansion pack that lets your add up to 14 keys to the pile. This KeySmart also includes a removable pocket clip to complement its keychain loop bottle opener.

Ready to manage that mess of keys in your pockets? Pick up the KeySmart Rugged Extended key holder in three colors at the Amazon link below.

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You can’t climb with it, but the Firebiner still does more than your average bottle opener-equipped carabiner. This carabiner can open bottles too, but more importantly on the bottom lies an integrated EverSpark firewheel with replaceable ferro rod that shoots sparks to help start fires a lot quicker than rubbing sticks. It’s also got a small utility blade for cutting rope or fishing line as well as a screwdriver, just in case… (via GearHungry)

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Cache Stash

Imagine trying to keep small, loose items organized in your pockets. It would be a mess. Your extra bills would be crumpled outside your wallet, pills would form a cocktail with pocket lint, and fragile essentials like matches would break and become unusable. So how about a low-profile, robust cylinder to store them in?

The latest project from Bobby Davis and the rest of Spiffy Lab out of Minneapolis, MN, the Cache Stash is designed to do just that. Using the space inside a narrow cylinder and combining it with resilient materials, it's a lightweight and secure way to store extra pills, cash, rope, or other small items. Its slender 15.87mm diameter lets it sit alongside the rest of your tools as easily as a pen, and a screw-on top with an included keyring lets you to carry it as you see fit. Speaking of fit, the Cache Stash also comes in aluminum, carbon fiber, and copper to match the rest of your EDC's aesthetic.

With its shape and materials, the Cache Stash integrates seamlessly into any EDC. There's a little over two weeks left to add one to yours in your material of choice, so head over to Kickstarter through the link below.

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Big Idea Design Titanium Pocket Clip

Consolidating your EDC is always a good idea. It saves you space, it reduces the weight in your pockets, and it makes you think of even more ways to make your carry efficient. So here's a combination that does just that — ever thought to put a flashlight on your suspension hook?

The Titanium Pocket Clip (TPC) is the latest project from titanium technicians Big Idea Design out of Chicago, IL. It comes in grade 5 titanium, ideal for its weight-to-strength ratio so it's able to suspend even the heaviest of keychains. Every aspect of the TPC is designed to be useful, from its opening that doubles as a bottle opener to its inner hex-shaped hook that can drive hex bits. And of course there's the 22-lumen flashlight that uses 3 common 1.55v watch batteries to power its SMD2835 emitter for up to 40 hours of continuous use.

Here's a bright idea — pick up the TPC, stop digging around in your pockets for your keychain, and do more with less. There's plenty of time to back one for yourself in both plain and LED versions at the Kickstarter link below.

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The MSTR Key

"It’s unassumingly sized like a normal key. And while it won’t open any locks, the MSTR Key still packs twenty handy tools in one cleverly designed package made of 304 stainless steel with an electrochemical polished finish. Tools include several screwdrivers, a box cutter, a bottle opener, paint lid closer, pry bar, bicycle spoke wrench, line cutter, wire stripper, staple remover, several hex wrenches, and a zip tie pick/release. It’s also safe for pockets and to the touch despite..." (via GearHungry)

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ARKTYPE Paracord Magnet Keychain

Keychains aren't exactly the most glamorous EDC staples, so how do you make one that's exciting? It's simple. Take cutting-edge hardware and the strongest materials, then roll them up into a clever, utility-driven design. That's what San Francisco-based ARKTYPE's doing with its PMK, or Paracord Magnet Keychain.

The PMK starts with a heavy-duty, stainless steel snap shackle for anchoring the keychain to your belt loop or bag. Next, a  paracord lanyard (hand-weaved in the USA) adds just the right amount of length for a backpocket tuck and doubles as emergency cordage in a survival situation. Last but not least, you have quick and convenient access to your keys thanks to a magnetic Fidlock clasp attached to a split ring.

This combination excels at key qualities you'd want in your keychain: security (from the shackle), utility (from the paracord), and accessibility (from the magnetic quick-disconnect). The PMK comes in three low-key colorways (black, grey, OD green paracord) with a smaller pull cable for extra customization. See the PMK in action and pledge for yours over at ARKTYPE's Kickstarter campaign below.

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Orbitkey 2.0

These days, you have more key organizers to pick from than ever to silence and tidy up your keys. But the majority of them are based on the same design: a stack of keys on two pivoting posts, sandwiched between two metal plates, Swiss knife style. That's effective if you've got a ton of keys to manage, but it comes with the trade-off of heavier weight and uncomfortable bulk in your pocket.

Now, if you're a minimalist with only a few keys, prefer a sleeker aesthetic, or want something softer that'll play nice with the rest of the gear in your pocket, then the new and improved Orbitkey 2.0 is the clear choice for you. This updated version implements feedback-driven design changes, resulting in a slimmer, sturdier, and more versatile key organizer system.

The overall design isn't radically different, but rather, refined. It's still a single pivot and loop enclosure that makes it easy to set up, access your keys, and carry loose in your pocket. This time, the pivot hardware's been upgraded to stainless steel (to help prevent stripping screws) and a concave design that not only shaves off bulk, but improves ergonomics when holding the Orbitkey while turning a key. Other improvements include a smoother lanyard attachment and a more functional bottle opener insert, which now features wrench cutouts, a screwdriver/box opener tip.

The Orbitkey 2.0 is available for pre-order in 9 different colors and materials, with other add-on options at their fully funded Kickstarter below.

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HALO Carabiner

Ti2 — the masterful metalworkers out of Hawaii — have shown that there's utility to be squeezed out of something as simple as a metal hook. Their latest product is the HALO, a collaboration between Ti2's Mike Bond and knifemaker Jesper Voxnaes. On the surface, it's a collection of colorful carabiners, but a closer look reveals a capable tool worthy of your carry.

The HALO series doesn't use cheap, flimsy metals. The carabiners are made from grade 5 titanium for fantastic strength-to-weight ratio, Tellerium copper for that timeless patina, high-strength 614 alloy bronze, and the rare zirconium with its unique and desirable finish. These materials let the HALO become a prized addition to even the most exotic EDCs.

Its titanium gate comes anodized to match its body's material, and can be ambidextrously opened for ease of attachment. The HALO's full-sized outer frame comes with generous jimping for an improved grip. This is especially helpful when using its bottom pry edge, which comes hollow-milled for strength in cutting, chiseling, and similar tasks. It also has two keychain attachment points to accommodate all your carry configurations.

A carabiner is just a carabiner, right? Wrong, as the HALO shows — it can also be the most useful and stylish thing to hook onto your belt loop. Pick one up in your choice of material at the Kickstarter link below.

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