Distil Union Ferris System

At the end of the day, EDC is about adapting your gear to your needs. But sometimes, that translates to bringing more than you need, costing you both space in your pocket and time to reorganize if something isn’t working out. So with plenty of experience organizing and optimizing your pocket essentials, Distil Union have created a modular system to be the easiest way you build your carry every day. Thanks to a clever design, sleek aesthetics, and a healthy helping of magnets, the Ferris System makes your EDC out the door prep a breeze.

The Ferris System is designed to turn your two most-used essentials—your keychain and your wallet—into an adaptible system that lets you refit your carry as simple as possible. It consists of three core modules: the KeyLoop, KeyFolio, and the ModWallet, each designed around magnetic components that let you freely interchange, mix, and match modules as you need. Do you need a specific set of keys along with a compact multi-tool every day? Simply tap the KeyLoop onto each module to pick them up and stack them, ready to go. Need to add a drawer key or keychain flashlight to the pile? Just open up the KeyLoop and let the magnets do the work. No more fumbling around with split rings or carabiners.

The KeyFolio and ModWallet open up the options for how you carry your keys and other essentials while still being interchangable and complementary with each other. If you need more keys than usual or want to carry a locator, the KeyFolio neatly and quietly stores two stacks of modules (some of which you may have wanted to move off the KeyLoop). The ModWallet takes care of cash and card duty with special modules designed specifically for its two-across magnets, but each of those attachment points are still compatible with the rest of the Ferris modules. This means you can create your own hybrid EDC by stacking the cash, cards, and essential key or tool modules all within the same ModWallet.

As with the rest of Distil Union’s products, the Ferris System core products are wrapped in premium leather, while each of the modules come with neodymium magnets and TPU-backed nylon for durability and abrasion resistance. All those magnets means additional carry options as well, since both the Ferris components and modules can attach and be attached to any metallic surface. This is also where the optional ModStation comes into play, which is a “home base” for the Ferris System as well as the rest of the essentials you need as you’re on your way out the door. Grab and stack what you need when you’re heading out, and stick and store when you’re home for the day.

The Distil Union Ferris System opens up limitless possibilities for how you carry your essentials, making it fun and painless to build exactly what you need, when you need it. There’s still time to catch the Kickstarter campaign at the link below, already funded and well underway.

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Our Favorite New Gear from Nite Ize

Many companies who make EDC gear tend to stick to just one or two categories, like focusing on knives and tools or flashlights. Nite Ize, on the other hand, takes a much broader approach. They've got a wide range of innovative, useful gear, with solutions for everything ranging from tidying your keychain to walking your dog at night, and everything in between. You may recognize the brand from their ubiquitous S-Biners popping up in EDCers' keychains, but they've heavily expanded their lineup of EDC essentials to offer so much more. We're highlighting our favorites here that would make a great addition to any carry, especially if you want to make the switch to a lightweight setup that's ready for your summer adventures.

No matter what your setup looks like or what your use cases might be, chances are you'll find some utility in Nite Ize gear. You can check out our favorites and see more of what Nite Ize has to offer at the link below.

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The Best Keychain Multi-tools in 2019

Part of putting together your EDC is knowing what tools you'll need on an average day, but it's hard to be prepared for everything. That’s why so many people rely on a good multi-tool to cover their bases. Traditional full-sized multi-tools aren't for everyone, however. They can be a bit bulky or heavy for a minimalist EDC and can be hard to justify if you don't use one often enough. Smaller multi-tools that can fit on your keychain, on the other hand, are worth a look to keep essentials handy without weighing you down. Whether you’re looking for some functional alternatives to larger tools or you don’t want to be caught without a tool and are looking for a backup to keep on you at all times, the items on this list are tried and tested EDC classics.

Screwpop Lighter Holder Tool

Having a lighter as a source of fire in your carry can come in handy even if you don’t smoke. Whether you’re out camping and need to get the fire going or just want to burn the tips of your new paracord lanyard, a good lighter is a solid addition to any EDC. The problem is they’re usually small and hard to keep track of. As its name implies, the Screwpop Lighter Holder Tool is an easy way to ensure that you always have your lighter on you while also adding some extra tools to your carry as well.

The Screwpop Lighter Holder has a practical design intended to perfectly fit a standard-sized Bic lighter. So no matter what you’re doing, you know that your lighter stays secure within the stainless steel frame. Just push the lighter in place and let the pressure from the clip do the rest. A small brass cutout also gives you a secure attachment point for fastening the tool to your keychain or carabiner, so having a pocket full of gear is no excuse for leaving this behind on your next hike. 

That alone would make this a decent way to keep track of your lighter and worth adding to your carry, but that’s not all the tool is useful for. The Screwpop Lighter Holder Tool also comes with four other functions that are handy to have in a pinch. Besides the lighter holder, you’ll also get a tamper, reamer, poker, and bottle opener. When you’re done, each tool folds smoothly back into place, maintaining the slim profile of the tool.

When it comes to EDC finding the right tool is half the battle. The other half is figuring out how to make it work for you. The Screwpop Lighter Holder Tool is a simple way to make sure you always have a way to start a fire while also having a few extra backups to some important tools. If this looks like something you’d be interested in make sure to click the link below and try one out for yourself.

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Gerber Mullet

Managing a clean and functional keychain is hard enough, so if you're going to add a multi-tool into the mix, it'd better be worth carrying. It should add enough functionality without much bulk and still be convenient and easy to use. Gerber's iconic Shard one-piece tool ticked all those boxes, making it one of the most popular keychain essentials with EDCers. Their latest solid state tool, the Gerber Mullet, adds even more functionality with a total of 9 tools. Like its name suggests, it works hard and plays hard, channeling the iconic '80s 'do with its “business in the front, party in the back” design.

The Gerber Mullet boasts 9 tools throughout its one-piece body, all arranged in an ergonomic way with ease of use in mind. There’s a pry bar/nail puller/wire stripper at one end that has a scraper on its side. The prongs on the pry bar double as small and large flathead drivers in a pinch as well. Moving back towards the other side is a suspension clip that terminates in a 1/4” hex bit driver. Finally, there’s a bottle opener and 3D Phillips head screw driver at the end. With its slim profile, 3/4” width, and 0.7 oz weight, it's compact but still affords enough room to grip thanks to its 3” total length. You can carry the Mullet by using the included split ring attached to the hole in the center of the body or by using the belt loop portion to suspend the rest of your key setup.

At only ten bucks, the Gerber Mullet is an easy way to spruce up your keychain setup without breaking the bank. And thanks to its TSA-friendly bladeless design, you can carry it just about anywhere. Hit the link below to learn more about this little tool and pick one up for yourself in classic black or a stonewashed silver.

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DSPTCH Fidlock Keychain Set

These days, keychains aren't just for your keys anymore. There are all sorts of EDC items designed to fit on a keyring alongside your keys, and plenty of them offer unmatched functionality relative to their size. With that in mind, it could be worth upgrading what's often the weakest link in your EDC: your keychain. A few years ago, DSPTCH released a magnetic keychain system that was a bit ahead of its time, designed with quick access and modularity in mind. They've just updated the line with new and improved components, this time offering even more options for carrying all kinds of gear besides your keys. Whether you want a sleek way to EDC your keys, backup tools, credentials, or even a pair of AirPods, the new DSPTCH Fidlock Keychain Set can do it in a snap.

The keychain set components leverage the flexibility and durability of mil-spec nylon webbing with the convenience of magnetic Fidlock hardware. The system uses the same Fidlock attachment hardware and mounting hardware throughout, with the nylon webbing portions available in different shapes and fitted with different hardware to accommodate multiple carry options and use cases. The mounts and attachments are available separately, letting you mix and match to dial in your perfect setup to go with the rest of your kit.

Five different mount configurations include a gated D-ring, a snap closure, a plastic belt clip, and a locking plastic clip variant. The different mounts excel at different applications, like from a D-ring, a belt loop, or a shoulder strap. Some of the mounts even include a built-in split ring, giving you more options to attach gear beyond the magnetic attachment counterparts. The attachment pieces come in four variants, each designed to carry different essentials in your kit. The mini ring works for your keychain or keychain-sized tools you use frequently, while the other attachments are designed specifically to carry an Apple Watch, an AirPods case, or an ID card.

The Fidlock components latch to each other magnetically in a snap, without you needing to fuss around with spring-loaded gates or other moving parts. They're secure once mounted and require a deliberate pulling motion away from each other, which is made easier by DSPTCH's custom pull tabs on the attachment side. Each piece in the set is made in the USA and backed with DSPTCH's lifetime guarantee. You can browse the full collection to mix and match your own set to suit your EDC at the link below.

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Pangea Designs Prylobite Keychain Knife

It’s no secret that keys are annoying to carry, and while your average carabiner gets the job done EDCers always keep a keen eye out for the perfect solution. With their new half-keychain half-multitool hybrid knife dubbed the Prylobite, Pangea Designs makes a strong case for why their new campaign should be on your radar. The Prylobite is the logical evolution of their popular Pickpocket suspension keychain clip, but this time it packs an even bigger punch.

Besides being a practical friction folder knife, the Prylobite offers a greay way to suspend your keys from a beltloop or pocket for easy retrieval and no more dreaded "pocket bulge." It puts a handy 1.7-inch S35VN steel blade with a gorgeous stonewashed finish right on your keychain. The suspension clip also doubles as a flipper tab, so one-handed deployment is a breeze. The clip flips up through the handle, resting perfectly under where you apply pressure with your thumb, which effectively holds the blade open while cutting. When not in use, the blade is mechanically locked closed via a micro carabiner attached through a well placed cutout in both the blade and handles. The integrated suspension clip alone makes the Prylobite unique in its function, but it has even more tools incorporated in its design.

A good knife is solid part of any multitool, but simply holding your keys hardly qualifies it as multi-functional. That's why the Prylobite also has a few more tools built into the hook's design, giving you a bottle opener, pry bar, ¼” wrench, and bit driver all in one discreet package that fits in the palm of your hand. These tools weren’t an afterthought either, the same attention to detail went into their design as well. For example, the bottle opener was made with a claw geometry to ensure a perfect opening on the first try and the pry bar was added to prevent people from being tempted by misuse that would otherwise lead to a broken knife tip. Rounding out its utilitarian design are scales made of G10, an excellent material for EDC given its durability, light weight, and grip.

While the Prylobite is a great tool for minimalists or those trying to slim down their carry, almost any EDCer can benefit from adding it to their pockets even if it's as a keychain backup to their primary carry. For a closer look at the Prylobite and all its features, check out Pangea Design's seventh fully funded Kickstarter campaign before it ends on Monday, February 25th.

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This is a sponsored post presented by Pangea Designs. x Orbitkey Nylon Key Organizer

EDC isn't solely about what we carry—how we carry it all is just as important. Take your keys for example. They're something you wouldn't leave the house without, but they come with their own set of problems: they're clunky, noisy, and messy compared to the rest of your carry. That's why we're huge fans of Orbitkey and how their key organizers solve a problem almost all EDCers have in a simple, elegant, and design-centric way—like all great EDC gear should. We're so excited to announce our take on the Orbitkey Key Organizer with this limited edition collaboration, designed with all of you EDCers in mind. Fitted with a mix of 1050D Ballistic and 500D Cordura nylon in a one-of-a-kind, monochrome digital camouflage print, it's dialed with the right materials, look, and feel to be a worthy addition to your everyday carry.

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Screwpop Tether

When it comes to inexpensive yet effective keychain solutions for EDC, few do it better than Screwpop. From compact carriers to tiny tools, their products solve problems you didn't even know you had. Their latest release, the Tether, takes on the task of managing a common EDC issue—your keys. It's a minimal, but expandable way to stack and store all your keys, while adding a hardy bit of functionality, too.

The Tether's system is simple: two 6061-T6 anodized aluminum plates are held together by up to 4 sizes of O-rings, anchored to nubs riveted onto each plate. This allows you to carry as many as 24 keys in a stack, folding out Swiss Army Knife-style similar to other key organizers. The Tether also comes with a compact stainless steel bottle opener, sized to sit alongside your keys, ready to pop a cold one at a moment's notice.

As with other Screwpop products, the Tether is meant to be carried, and it pulls this off with an included keyring attachment. The aluminum plates measure only 3.25”, barely the length of the two stacks of keys they hold, and the Tether's entire kit weights under an ounce, making it a very pocket-friendly package.

Screwpop continues their pursuit of pocket essentials that are affordable in price and in space. Pick up their new Tether from Amazon at the link below.

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Ultralink Gear Retention System

"A truly unique alternative to using carabiners to carry small items. The UltraLink is a quick-release belt clip perfect for keyrings and other small EDC gear. It’s made from titanium and aluminum, and holds securely thanks to..." (via TheAwesomer)

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MecArmy EH3 EDC Carabiner

If you're going to be carrying keys anyway, you might as well make the most of your keychain setup. The quick and easy way to maximize the utility of your keychain is with a multi-functional carabiner. MecArmy's EH3 is one of the newest EDC-focused carabiners on the market. Its solid feature set, premium materials, and EDC-oriented design make it a compelling piece of kit on its own or as the missing link to complement the rest of your keychain carry.

To give the EH3 the strength needed for its tools without weighing it down, it's CNC-machined out of C4 titanium. Its impressive strength to weight ratio gives it durability you'd want on a tool that's carrying something as important as your keys and backup gear. A barely-there weight of 0.645 ounces and a 2.84 inch total length makes it effortless to carry, especially if you prefer a back pocket tuck for the added security and reduced noise of a jingly keychain.

When it's not being used to carry keys, it can handle a surprising amount of everyday tasks. At the business end is a pry bar that can also work as a screwdriver and a nail lifter in a pinch. Moving up, there's a slot for a keyring or cordage, as well as a bottle opener built-in to the spring gate section. Last but not least, a multi-size hex wrench makes quick work of nuts and bolts. If you're looking for a simple keychain that does more than carry your keys, the EH3 might do the trick. Check it out in closer detail at the link below.

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Dango Loop Hook and Wall Mount System

Just like how suspension hooks for your keys keep them within reach and within sight, Dango's Utility Hook system is a useful companion for larger essentials like your bag, headphones, or jacket. After all, even if your gear is as tough as nails, a little extra protection from getting toppled and knocked around on the ground won't hurt, especially when you're hauling around expensive essentials. The Dango Loop Hook is a machined aluminum tool that counterbalances your gear off the side of a table, counter, or other flat surface for a hands-free way to keep your gear in place while you're on the move. For something so seemingly simple in its function, it's executed with thoughtful details that set it apart from ordinary hardware.

The Hook's top hook has a non-slip grip strip that keeps your bag firmly anchored to a surface. Instead of bent metal, the Hook is fully CNC-machined from lightweight aircraft grade aluminum for added strength and rigidity. There’s a hole in one end so you can mount it on a keychain, and its outer edge has a built-in cap lifter for popping open a cold one at the end of a long day of commuting. You can opt to keep the Hook on your bag via the machined strap slot too, making it even handier.

The Wall Mount is an an additional accessory that you can purchase along with the Loop Hook that effectively turns it into a 2-hook hanging system. The built-in cap lifter latches on to the mount, functioning as a standard wall hook for your jacket, bag, and more, decluttering your home or office without taking up a lot of extra space.

While good EDC gear should be able to take a lick or two, the Dango Hook helps prolong the life of your gear by removing the unnecessary wear and tear of plopping your bag on the ground. They make all of their goods in the USA from premium, EDC-ready materials. You can pick up the Loop Hook and Wall Mount in a variety of finishes and materials at the link below.

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Micro EDC Key Organizer

"From EDC specialist Slughaus comes the world’s smallest and lightest key organizer. The Micro lets you pack between 2 to 10 keys – more if you use an additional extender – along with a small multitool that has a bottle opener, flathead screwdriver and..." (via TheAwesomer)

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Keyport Pivot and Slide 3.0 All-in-One Key Organizers

Thanks to different sizes, functions, and needs, keychains are often a nightmare to manage. It's both inefficient and unfortunate considering your keychain is one the most crucial items in your EDC. So when companies come along to improve the pitiful state of our pocket paraphernalia, it pays to give them a look. Keyport has been a leading player in the keychain organization game for over a decade, consistently innovating with every iteration. And with their latest modular products, the Pivot and the Slide 3.0, it's easier than ever to streamline your favorite pocket essentials.

The Keyport Pivot will be a familiar form factor for most EDCers. Your keys and other tools fold and flip out Swiss Army style from the Pivot's skeletonized aluminum chassis. The Pivot features a proprietary locking mechanism that clicks every 90 degrees, won't loosen over time, and allows you to set the optimal tension without the need for additional washers. Alongside your keys, Keyport compatible inserts include the popular MOCA 10-in-1 Multi-Tool, a ballpoint pen, and a range of USB flash drives in addition to several YubiKeys and the full spectrum of Stowaway Tools. While keys and inserts are enclosed within the Pivot's chassis, Keyport's unique modularity allows you to clip modules such as a Mini-Flashlight and a Pocketknife onto the exterior of the Pivot's chassis. More modules are on their way with Keyport’s Anywhere Tools due out in November. And with the Pivot itself weighing only 0.7 ounces, it's one of the most minimalist ways to turn your keychain into a fully customizable EDC multi-tool.

Now in its 3rd gen, Keyport's flagship product, the Keyport Slide 3.0 stands out as the only key organizer that provides quick, one-handed access to keys and tools with just the slide of a thumb. Keyport’s key Blades for the Slide, which feature a universal head and replace your current keys, significantly reduce the size and weight of traditional keys making the whole setup about the size of a box of Tic Tacs. Available in 4 or 6-port configurations, the Slide also accommodates the modular attachments in addition to keys and tools. If you've ever wanted a modern fob style keychain alternative that could fit in 007’s EDC arsenal, then the Slide 3.0 is the device for you.

Keyport's organizers don't just streamline your keys, they help keep tabs on them too. Both the Pivot and Slide 3.0 include a free 2-year subscription to KeyportID, an exclusive online lost & found service. Unlike Bluetooth locators, KeyportID works anywhere, anytime. It doesn’t require wifi, Bluetooth connectivity, or a mesh network, and it won't drain your phone's battery. Each device includes a unique serial number which, when registered, can be used to notify you directly through the online KeyportID interface and to coordinate your Keyport’s quick, safe, and anonymous return in the event it gets lost. Keyport even offers a Reward if Found to thank the finder on your behalf.

Unorganized keychain essentials and jangly keys need not plague your pockets. Build the perfect keychain replacement with Keyport's fully customizable systems available at the link below. Be sure to use discount code KEYDC for 15% OFF your order in the Keyport Store, good through Sunday, September 30th.


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Keyport Anywhere Tools

It's one thing to have the right tools for the job, but as EDCers it's important to also prepare for the unexpected. And for that, you need the right gear on you at all times. You can streamline your kit all you want, but you'd be hard pressed to find an easier way to carry an EDC's worth of functions than Keyport's system of Anywhere Tools. They're slim, light, and best of all, modular, letting you configure your setup with everything you need and nothing you don't all in a package small enough to clip to your pocket or bag with a removable clip or ride on your keychain. Whether you want to consolidate your keys and carry staple essentials like a knife and multi-tool or you want more modern conveniences like a charging cable and pocket lantern, there's a setup that's right for you.

Like any good EDC system, the Anywhere Tools cover most of your bases with 4 tool modules: the NEBA Knife, the MOCA II multi-tool, the Pocket Flare LED, and WeeLINK charging cable module. The NEBA is a slip joint knife with a 2.0” 8Cr13MoV clip point blade that deploys via nail nick. Since it's a smaller knife, it features thumb jimping on the spine of the blade for more precise control and a secure grip. The MOCA II 10-in-1 multi-tool is an impressive one-piece tool design featuring a 3D Philips head driver, flathead driver, bottle opener, box opener, rulers, bit driver, and multiple wrenches to instantly add utility to your carry without weighing you down. It keeps a low profile at just 1.8mm thin, but its 420SS stainless steel construction adds strength where it counts. The Pocket Flare LED brings 27 lumens to the table with a traditional forward-focused beam as well a diffuse, ambient lantern mode. It features a push button for easy operation and USB recharging for convenience. The WeeLINK charging cable can come in clutch for anyone who relies heavily on their tech, available in Lightning, USB-C, or micro USB connectors. Unlike regular cables, these are tangle-proof and durable thanks to their shorter length and TPU coated cables.

Since how you carry your gear is just as important as what you carry, Keyport developed the Anywhere Tools system with EDC in mind. They made the system modular without the need for added fasteners or small parts that can fail or get lost easily on tools of this size, letting you assemble and stack them together easily when you're on the go. They're compatible with Keyport's gamechanging key organizers like the Slide 3.0 and Pivot too. When combined with the Anywhere Pocket Clip and paracord pull, it's an especially convenient way to carry your main essentials. The system has more modules on the way and plenty of customizable side plates for endless configuration, so you're sure to find something that works for your day to day needs. Check out the whole system at the fully funded Indiegogo project below.

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The James Brand Mehlville Carabiner

When choosing gear to carry essentials as important as your keys, you want something that’s durable, lightweight, and above all, dependable. You might know The James Brand for making sleek knives with these very same qualities. With their new Mehlville carabiner, they're bringing what they do best to another staple in your EDC kit: your keychain. The Mehlville is a refreshing take on the standard carabiner with useful features and subtle design decisions that EDCers can appreciate.

The clip itself forms two compartments on the top and bottom of the carabiner so it’s easy to keep your gear organized. You’ll also find a stud opposite the gate that functions as a bottle opener. Both the gate pin and bottle opener stud are made from durable 304 stainless steel. The James Brand chose 6063 aluminum as the base material to keep the weight down while maintaining its strength. They’ve then anodized the surface to increase the scratch- and corrosion-resistance to help keep it look as good as it did from day one. Instead of using bent or molded metal, the Mehlville is actually machined from a solid block of aluminum. This process results not only in a sleek fit and finish, but also in a stronger tool overall without the seams or points of weakness you'd get from more common manufacturing methods.

If you’re looking for a stylish and sleek way to keep your keychain setup organized, the Mehlville is an excellent option from a trusted brand in the EDC community. You can add one to your key setup by picking one up at the link below!

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