The Best Box Cutters and Utility Knives for EDC in 2020

The Best Box Cutters and Utility Knives for EDC in 2020

Just because it seems like your EDC knife is versatile enough to use for every task doesn't always mean you should. Things like driving screws or prying in a pinch can seriously wreck your blade. But there's one task in particular you might be doing nearly every day: opening boxes.

For that, it doesn't matter how sharp your everyday carry knife is: it isn't the best tool for the job. All that cardboard and tape can dull your blade and gunk it up fast. Keep your EDC sharp for more crucial situations, and let a box cutter with replaceable blades do the dirty work.

You might think utility knives like this would be way too big to EDC, but there's actually a handful of convenient, pocket-friendly options worthy of a spot in your daily kit. To make things easy, we've put together this guide of our favorites for you to choose from.

Gerber EAB

The Gerber EAB is a lightweight folding knife with a liner lock that can load standard utility blades. It's equipped with a pocket clip for easy carrying. Even better, the EAB is small enough and light enough to pull double duty as a cash or card clip, giving it even more uses in your kit.

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Screwpop Utility Knife 3.0

With such a minimal, open construction, this is the closest you'll get to carrying around an unguarded razor blade in your pocket. It holds two to four standard utility blades that can slide out and lock when you need them. A built-in magnet cleverly keeps blades from falling out when the lock is disengaged, and makes it easy to stick to metallic work surfaces, or your fridge. It's especially convenient thanks to its bottle opener on one end. On the other end, the large ring in the lock pivot lets you carry the tool on your keychain or lanyard.

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Rexford RUT

The Rexford RUT features a sliding mechanism for a standard utility blade in its rigid titanium frame. The thoughtful design leverages the design of the blade inserts to ensure a solid lock in use. It also includes a mini pry bar, screwdriver, and bottle opener – all the functions you'd need to save your EDC blade in a pinch.


Tactical Keychains TUKK

Rather than your standard utility blade, the TUKK uses a smaller, #11 hobby blade for high-precision cutting. The smaller blade helps shrink the footprint of the TUKK, making it perfect for keychain carry (please, don't stick this in your pocket!). Operation is simple — use your thumb to slide the blade in and out. The TUKK comes in multiple materials, like titanium, brass, and copper, as well as aluminum in a rainbow of color options.


Milwaukee Fastback 3

If you want something closer to the size of a standard utility knife, take a look at the Fastback 3. It's made to open up quick via gravity with a flick of the knife. The larger handle lets you tackle major tasks with confidence. When your blade wears out, the Fastback lets you store spares in the handle, too.

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Olfa 34B Craft Knife

If you want to carry a compact craft knife with a longer, more usable blade, the 34B is the tool for you. It offers 2.2” of usable cutting edge without much handle bulk. The blade deploys with a brass thumb wheel that you can swap on either side of the knife. A small hole at the end of the handle works great as an attachment point for a paracord lanyard to make up for its lack of a pocket clip.

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BigiDesign TPT

Don't let the TPT's small size deceive you. It might only be 3" long and 4mm thick but this attractive titanium tool performs a myriad of tasks. Of course, you can use it to cut boxes open with a standard utility blade. But you'll also find it has a 15-size hex wrench, a screwdriver, a bottle opener, and more. The TPT also comes with a unique, dual-sided insert for when you need to open boxes but can't carry a sharp edge. On one side, it'a a finger-safe tape cutter, and on the other, a mini camping fork.


Do you use a utility knife as a box opener or backup blade in your EDC? Share your favorite tool for the job in the comments below.

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The brass 'Kiridashi' is also a great knife for EDC; almost as thin as paper, only a few grams in weight and like $9 or so. You can't really beat that IMHO.
If you're on a budget or simply don't want to spend the money to get a TPT, the Gerber EAB is rock solid. Honestly, unless you're obsessed with showing off a RUT, don't even bother. If you don't need the extra utility of the TPT, then the EAB is simply the best option. People can say that craft blades are easy enough to come by, but if you pay close attention, you can find blades for the EAB and TPT basically ANYWHERE, even found them in a gas station once. Take my suggestions for what you will, and nothing against Rexford Knives, I'm simply pointing out bang for your buck. Also, check the clip on the EAB from time to time. It CAN come loose, but pushing it back on only takes a second and it's not often that it becomes loose.
Looks pretty nice knives.
A good edc razor is the Hurricane Razor by AmslerKnives on Etsy
$60-$140 for a box cutter?!? Pocket knife kinda does the same thing except only more useful.
See my comment above under Mike!
Rexford rut looks to be a real handy tool but$140?!?! I could buy 140 jiffy box cutters for that. I am all for spending a little extra to have the cool gadget but i think they maybe over estimated the market value on this one
You should look into the Stanley 10-049 in has a replaceable sheepsfoot blade that folds into the handle and a clever locking mechanism to keep you save. It is about the same size as a standard pocket knife and very thin. The only thing it is lacking is a pocket clip but it doesn't necessarily need one either. A real hidden gem piece of kit.
I carry a little Stanley utility knife. The blade retracts into the handle, which has a pocket clip and a carabiner for carrying, along with a bottle opener. Nice handy little package.
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