The Best Everyday Carry Pouch Organizers


Assembling a comprehensive EDC is only half the battle. How you carry your gear matters more than you may think. Sure, pocket clips and lanyards make carrying things a little easier, but they don't always stop them from bouncing around in your pocket. What if you need to carry more than just a knife, wallet, and flashlight? Where does it all go?

For example, your first aid kit. It typically contains a lot of small, loose items. But when an emergency arises you're going to want to know exactly where everything is. Or, maybe you just switch bags a lot and always end up forgetting your flashlight or something. It definitely helps to have everything in one place.

The EDCer's Secret Weapon Against Messy Pockets

Enter the pocket organizer. These versatile pouches have a ton of straps, pockets, and places for all your gear to stay neatly in place and ready when you need it. They make it easy to assemble a grab-and-go kit for your car or bag, and make great storage for your EDC as well. Get your pockets in order with our favorite EDC pouches below!

Maxpedition EDC Pocket Organizer
As seen in: William's EDC Dump Pouch

At 6”x8”x1” the Maxpedition E.D.C. Pocket Organizer is one of the smaller options out there, while still having plenty of organization inside.There’s an oversized pull handle and MOLLE attachment webbing on the back that makes the case easy to carry or attach to a bag. You can even personalize your pouch by adding a patch on the hook-and-loop panel on the front.

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Maxpedition Fatty
As seen in: schamu's Basic EDC

Need something with a little more room? The Maxpedition Fatty is great for a cargo pocket or bag-in-bag organization. It’ll give you an extra inch in width over their standard pocket organizer. The inside has both horizontal and vertical straps to accommodate gear of different shapes and sizes.

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Skinth Solutions Trail Blazer
A Skinth pouch as seen in: Mike's EDC

If you want something as personalized as your EDC, consider a pocket organizer by Skinth. Each pouch is modular and custom-made from the ground up. Select all the options that you need, and leave off the ones you don’t for an EDC storage solution tailored to your exact needs.

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Topo Accessory Bags
As seen in: Josh's Teacher/Tech Guy Carry

Sometimes you want to keep organization simple. Toss loose gear into a Topo Accessory pouch to keep it from bouncing around the bottom of your bag. These no-fuss catch-all  pouches come in a variety of sizes that can easily fit your entire EDC and then some.

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Condor Pocket Pouch
As seen in: J's Technician EDC

The Condor Pocket Pouch is on the smaller side, measuring in at 6.75”x4.75”. It comes with a removable flag patch and has three internal pockets. What separates it from the rest is the fold out vinyl pocket — ideal for quickly showing ID.

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Bill's Urban Wallet

Somewhere between a pocket organizer and a wallet, there’s the Urban Wallet by Bill’s Custom Cases. This nylon zip wallet has two external pockets that keeps your knife and lighter from bouncing around in an open pocket.

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Vanquest EDCM
As seen in: Roy's EDC

21 elastic webbing slots and 3 organization pockets — and that’s just on the inside. At  8”x6”x2”, this pouch is on the larger side — but that's not a bad thing. The Vanquish EDCM has more straps and internal pockets than any other pouch on the list, making it ideal for an on-the-go first aid kit.

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Fox Gear EDC Pocket Organizer 

This pocket organizer is both small and efficient. Keep pocket and bag clutter at a minimum by slipping your EDC gear into the interwoven nylon straps. If you're looking to organize your stuff without the bulk, this is a great contender.

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Reebow Gear Utility Holster

As seen in: Edward's EDC Pouch

The Reebow Gear Utility Holster features multiple carry options with MOLLE webbing, belt straps, and an included carabiner. Unlike the others on this list, this pouch opens from the top. Its vertical layout makes it ideal to carry on your belt. There's a dedicated phone slot and multiple pockets to keep your entire EDC easily accessible.

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Do you have an organization system for your EDC? Let us know your favorite way to haul your gear in the comments below!

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Great lookin' list!
I have CAT pocket pouch. It is made by Caterpillar, it has gone out of production. It has two internal pockets, straps and it is a wee bit smaller than the Maxpediton Micro.
I was wondering if there was a breakdown of the kit that is seen on the banner picture (the one with the carandache pencil in it). If it has been alredy done, I d love link towards it. Thank you for your help
I put it together for the photo, it hasn't been submitted to the site as a post. Id be happy to answer any questions you have!
I was wondering what was the back up battery used, the leatherman model, name of the flashlight and brand of the pry bar... Sorry to be that curious
What pouch is in that picture? The vanquest?
Vanquest in the header photo and the Maxpedition under the "The EDCer's Secret Weapon Against Messy Pockets" title!
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Would love something like the Maxpedition Micro organizer with a quick way to mount and dismount it from a belt. I find mine works great as a nucleus to a larger back that can be removed and carried independently, but it's right at the limit of what I can fit into my pocket.
You might want to check out the Reebow gear we have listed in the guide. It has snap down straps on the back and can be accessed via the two zippers on top - ideal for carry on a belt.
Will someone with basic web development skills reach out to Bill's Customs and help him redesign his website. His product looks great but his website is truly garbage, the work I've seen since the late 90's. You can't even read the test on the web page when browsing on a phone.
Another +1 for the triple 7 gear micro pouch.
Anyone know what backpack that is on the right side of the shot at the top of the page?
It's a Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon II
Awesome. Thanks Ed!
Just got a One Tigris MOLLE EDC pouch -- cheaper than some of the other options, has a big front phone pocket (fits an LG G4) and the quality looks quite good!
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