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The Best EDC Notebook Covers in 2022

Ed Jelley
The Best EDC Notebook Covers in 2022

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Unless you’re filling up a notebook in a few days, chances are that it won’t survive long in your pocket alongside other gear. The best way to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth out of each notebook is by pairing it up with a cover. At the expense of some portability, journal covers add durability and even additional storage to your favorite notebook. For example, some covers have room for a pen, a few cards and cash, and other EDC gear. Our readers requested a roundup of our favorite pocket notebook covers, so we happily obliged. Once you’ve figured out which 3.5x5.5” pocket notebook is right for you, pick up one of these covers to keep it protected.

Bellroy Slim Notebook Cover  

This super slim notebook cover by Bellroy is packed with features that make it one of the best out there. It’s made from premium veg tanned leather that’s thin yet durable. The Bellroy Notebook Cover stays shut thanks to a magnetic closure system. Inside there’s a debossed area for a pen to clip into the spine, as well as room for a few credit or business cards.

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One Star Leather Simple Notebook Cover

One Star Leather Goods makes some of the best quality leather good available today. Each piece is hand-sewn in their LA-based workshop. This simple notebook cover is available in a wide range of premium leathers. There’s a pocket on either side of the cover, allowing you to carry some cash or cards, or even two 3.5x5.5” notebooks if you want.


This Is Ground Medium Notebook Cover

This Is Ground’s notebook cover carries more than just a notebook. Inside the premium soft leather case is room for your phone, cards, cash, and of course a pocket notebook. If you’ve been looking to consolidate your carry, then this makes a great option. The case is also ideal for in-bag organization, keeping all your essentials grouped together and easily accessible.

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Recycled Firefighter "Fire Hose Inspector" Cover

Recycled Firefighter makes some of the toughest gear out there, and their notebook cover is no exception. Crafted from decommissioned fire hoses and edged with military-grade nylon webbing is their "Fire Hose Inspector" cover. The cover stays shut with an elastic band, which is easily opened when it’s time to jot down notes. The front of the cover has a leather sleeve that will hold on to a pocket pen, keeping all of your writing essentials in the same place.


Nock Co. Hightower Nylon Notebook Cover

Leather notebook covers aren’t for everyone, and that’s totally understandable. Each case by Nock Co. is made in the USA from durable 1000D nylon with DWR water-resistant coating. And if you've got a rotation of pens you like to use, Nock Co.’s Hightower notebook cover sleeve fits three of your favorite pens alongside your favorite pocket notebook.


Craft and Lore “Northwestward” Notebook Cover

The Northwestward notebook cover is a saddle-stitched notebook cover, completely made by hand in the USA. In addition to space for a standard 3.5 x 5.5” pocket notebook, there’s two card slots and room for a pocket pen. The Northwestward folds shut and stays closed thanks to two heavy-duty snaps. If you’re hard on your gear, this option provides plenty of protection. It includes one of their custom printed notebooks with every order.


How do you carry your pocket notebook? Let us know what your favorite cover is in the comments below!

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Brandon Crittenden ·
What is the notebook in the main photo at the top?
Alex ·
I think someone mentioned it below; it's the This is Ground Leatherback Writer =)
Alex ·
I think someone mentioned it below; it's the This is Ground Leatherback Writer =)
Jess ·
RusticJournals on Etsy makes a nice leather one for $15. Been carrying it for a week. Very supple, and you can get it in many colors. Good value.
Joshua Plumeau ·
I use at "Tactical Notebook Covers" cover that I love. It's bigger, and carries my Bullet Journal, a Craftsman Z-bar with a bunch of inserts, 3 pens, a pencil, a ruler, a 45° ruler, a thumb drive, a phone charging cord, and some basic first aid equipment, and it has room to spare. Considering all that, it's pretty small, and really well built.
3l3phant ·
Have you got a link to a particular one?
John L Coulter ·
How's about a link or some pics to see it in action. That sounds pretty awesome.
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Xuanren Wang ·
what is the one in ur cover picture? It looks really nice. Is it also a this is ground?
Bernard Capulong ·
Yeah, it's the This Is Ground one mentioned in the list
Xuanren Wang ·
they look so different, new version?
Bernard Capulong ·
Apologies -- the one in the header is the This Is Ground Leatherback Writer!
Xuanren Wang ·
Xuanren Wang ·
Yeah, they are so cute, think about getting one.....
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Ben Schmitz ·
And what bag is that underneath it?
Ed Jelley ·
It's the Doane Paper x Topo Designs Mountain Briefcase
John L Coulter ·
Great Top Ten Ed.
Ed Jelley ·
Thanks, John!
Emily Kate ·
Nice, thanks for sharing this beautiful designed with us. You can also try more designs of notebook cover at Galen Leather. Here you can also shop for more leather covers like iPad cover, Pen cover, Leather Bags, passport covers etc.
Montana Actual ·
I really like the recycled firefighter stuff. BUT...

I want all black, and I am hoping their RITR/Field Notes cover's come in all black, plus, I hope I can fit dollar bills in their 'mens bifold' without having to fold them.
jacksbuddy ·
Ok, where was this when I came up with the idea to make my own? Aaaah, I guess great minds think alike.
Kevin J Meyer ·
I use a Field Notes cover by 'Wishbone Goods' (on Etsy) ✌
Jeff Britton ·
I spent some time looking for a cover for my pocket notebook (usually Field Notes) and frankly, they were all a bit pricy. I finally found one I liked from Springfield Leather Company for $20 (on Amazon) and it does a great job. Nice leather, heavy enough to be sturdy but still flexible and an interior card pocket that's great for appointment cards, etc. It holds a standard Field Notes or Moleskine (or imitation Moleskine like Markings) easily and I can slip some extras like receipts in behind the notebook, and it fits nicely in my back pocket. It also came with a free Field Notes notebook! I'm glad I took the time to shop around.
Paul Tobeck ·
I'm liking the Nock nylon. Looks like it'd be perfect for my Cambridge top spiral 3-1/4 x 5-1/4 96 page business notebooks!
Emir Terzo ·
Can someone reccomend one of these but for a spiral notebook :)
3l3phant ·
I've almost pulled the trigger many times on a Recycled Firefighter cover but I need a cover that has a hard back so that I can write on the notepad without having to set it down.
Karl Hicks ·
I have a Recycled Firefighter Fire Hose Sergeant wallet and I can assure unless you're pushing excessively hard the fire hose provides plenty of stiffness.
3l3phant ·
Thanks for the response! That's great to hear.
Karl Hicks ·
No problem. Granted it may soften up with use but keep in mind it's fairly tightly woven so even if it does it'll likely still provide a good writing surface.
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