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The Best Ledlenser Flashlights for EDC

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The Best Ledlenser Flashlights for EDC

Out of all the traditional everyday carry tools, the humble flashlight has undergone the most dramatic transformation as a result of new technology and rapid innovation. Based out of Portland, OR, Ledlenser is a company continues to design and produce award-winning, innovative lighting solutions for everyday, home, and industrial use. Driven to help EDCers “see the world in its true light,” they’ve innovated and iterated upon their first prototype Ledlenser V8 from a quarter of a century ago to their current lineup of modernized flashlights. 

Not only do they push the envelope with their R&D center in Solingen, Germany, but they also do it with socially- and environmentally responsible methods. For example, they’ve partnered with Doctors Without Borders this year to help bring vaccines and medications to people in need in the most remote areas of the world. 

In this quick round-up, we take a look at the three of the best Ledlenser products you can carry. From an ingenious wallet design to a pocket torch with an adjustable beam, these essentials embody that spirit of innovation that founded the company 25 years ago.

Ledlenser P5R

Part of the P-Series line in their Essential Torch Range, the Ledlenser P5R delivers high power and beam flexibility in a familiar, pocketable form factor. This general purpose flashlight recharges its replaceable internal lithium-ion batteryvia the included Floating Charge System, which doubles as mounting and storage for your P5R. The wall-mounted bracket and magnetic USB cable let you conveniently hang this light while charging and when not in use, then easily grab it when you need it. 

It can output up to 420 lumens on High mode for a 3 hour runtime. More than the sheer output, this light features the Ledlenser Advanced Focus System. It lets you adjust the shape of the beam from a wide-profile flood for up close work to a sharply focused, long-distanced beam—all with the simple push-pull action of the Rapid Focus System. In the High mode, this lets you go from a 50 meter beam distance for flood, to a maximum of 240 meters (nearly 790 feet) out for throw, simply by extending or contracting the head of the light. The tail switch gives you access to two other modes: a 20-lumen Low mode that can go for 15 hours, and a Strobe function for emergency and tactical use.

Thanks to the rechargeable battery, magnetic wall charging mount, and the easily adjustable focus distance, the Ledlenser P5R offers a convenient and flexible lighting option for both your home and for pocket EDC use. Check out this pocket rocket, and while you’re at it, the matching accessories like the Hard Sheath and Intelligent Clip as well. 

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Ledlenser K4R Keychain Light

If you take a minimalist approach to your EDC, you might appreciate the familiar keychain-ready form factor of the Ledlenser K4R. This compact, rechargeable flashlight easily clips to your existing keychain setup via its attached metal snap hook. The 2" long aluminum chassis helps the light hang tough with the rest of your keys, and its 0.64 ounce overall weight makes for an unobtrusive addition to your EDC. 

When you’re finding your keys or door lock in the dark or walking unlit paths though, its prominent front-side button provides quick access to 60 lumens of wide area illumination from its tiny yet advanced LED. Holding the same button down for three seconds gives you an SOS signal mode which could be useful during emergencies. The included charging cable plugs into a USB charger or your portable power bank, making for easy top-ups wherever you may be. 

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Ledlenser Lite Wallet

The best light is the one that’s with you. Another easy way to ensure you’ve got access to light is by consolidating it with another staple part of your daily kit: your wallet. The Ledlenser Lite Wallet offers something most wallets don’t: an integrated illumination device that charges via USB-C or on a wireless charging pad. The sleek and refined 100% genuine European leather exterior gives it a premium look and feel, and you can get it in eight different colors to match your EDC perfectly. 

Once opened up, there’s an elastic band on one side meant to hold your cash, complemented by multiple pockets for your ID cards, license, credit cards and other and flat items. On the other side, there’s a a metal compartment with RFID-blocking technology, keeping the sensitive information on two of your cards safe. Combined with the other pockets, the Lite Wallet can accommodate up to 9 of your essential cards.

Underneath, an IP54-rated light module provides two levels of output, and elevates the functionality of the Lite Wallet to that of a practical EDC flashlight—except you need only carry your wallet to enjoys its benefits. It outputs 150 lumens on High, making it more powerful and more useful than the light on your smartphone for illuminating keyholes, searching for items in your bag, and even for use as a full-on flashlight when crossing dark areas or walking around at night. 

The Ledlenser Lite Wallet charges with the included USB-C cable, and is also capable of topping up via wireless charging stations. A charge level indicator lets you know when you’re running low. Staying compact at 57 x 91 x 11mm, this practical everyday companion brings the functionality of Ledlenser’s portable lights right into your pocket or pack.

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