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The 10 Best Minimalists Wallets for Men in 2022

Adam Molina
The 10 Best Minimalists Wallets for Men in 2022

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Phone, keys, and last but not least, wallet. Okay, you're good to go. 

Your wallet's one of those things you pat down your pockets for in the morning because you simply do not want to leave it behind. 

You can already imagine the headache that would ensue without it: no way to buy a snack to thwart midday hangriness, not being able to get on the train as part of your morning commute (which is stressful enough as it is), and so on.

Given how essential your money, IDs, and other cards are to just getting through the day, it really pays to have the best wallet you can get to carry them all.

A good everyday carry wallet has uniquely functional features, reliable materials, and—above all else—a slim profile. In this guide, we're highlighting 10 of the best EDC wallets that fit the bill.

Why You Should Carry a Slim Wallet

Slimming down your wallet not only makes it easier to find important cards quicker, but it can also be better for your health. Conventional bulky wallets can cause pain when you sit on them for too long. A problem you can avoid with a slimmer wallet made for everyday carry instead of hoarding business cards. As an added bonus, a slimmer wallet also leaves more space in your pocket for more gear. It’s a win-win.

The Best Minimalist Wallets for Everyday Carry

Trayvax Element

Trayvax claims their Element wallet is the last wallet you’ll ever need and judging by its durable build materials, it just might be. It features a lightweight stainless steel frame with a bottle opener that’s wrapped in oil-tanned leather and held together with paracord binding. A snap-on clasp keeps your cards safe while an integrated money clip holds your cash. You’ll also be at ease knowing the Trayvax Element is RFID blocking, keeping up to ten cards safe from any ne’er-do-wells.

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Maxpedition Micro

The Maxpedition Micro is a minimal wallet that lets you store plenty. Flipping it open reveals two card slots where you can access your cards or folded bills and an ID window. The outside features a quick access slip pocket for your most used cards, but you can also use it to carry a few coins if you don’t like them jingling around in your pocket. It’s also secure enough that you can stash a spare key in case you lose yours.

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Bellroy Slim Sleeve

Bellroy is no stranger to minimal wallets, with almost a dozen wallet offerings to their name. Their Slim Sleeve bi-fold wallet is our favorite of the lot, as it can hold up to 12 cards and some cash while remaining super thin. You’ll get two quick access slots for your most used cards along with two extra pockets, one of which is perfect for once folded bills. The other pocket features a pull-out tab so you can access any rarely used cards. If you want a classy bifold that will give you the peace of mind that cash brings while keeping your pocket slim, this leather wallet should get the job done.

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If you’re looking for something simple, the BASICS Wallet might be for you. Its fabric construction means it’ll only get as thick as the number of cards you put in it (up to 15). A slick design gives you quick access to not one, but four of your most used cards by pulling on the tab. It also comes with a built-in pocket on one side for stashing coins, spare keys, or folded bills. For a capable wallet that won’t take up too much space the BASICS Wallet has you covered.achi

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Hayvenhurst Pop Up Wallet

Have your card essentials instantly on hand at the push of a button with Hayvenhurst's Pop Up Wallet, a sleek, minimalist option able to hold 4-5 cards while taking up next to no space in your pocket. Aluminum construction with a carbon fiber pattern lets it stealthily fit in with the rest of your carry while blocking RFID signals, and a multi-purpose cash strap can hang on to folded bills, notes, and other items without bulking up its slim design. And any time you need your cards, one push of its signature button fans them out, ready for use at a moment's notice.

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Saddleback Leather Medium Bifold

Saddleback Leather is known for their quality leather products. If all you need is a quality leather wallet, this bifold will age beautifully thanks to the full-grain leather used. It’s also durable enough for EDC thanks to the marine-grade threading that holds everything together. Inside you’ll get six curved slots for better grip when sliding out your cards and a large pocket for any bills. It comes in five different colors so whatever your flavor of leather is you’ll likely find it.

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RIDGE Wallet

If you browse through our submissions, you’ll see the Ridge Wallet more than a few times. It’s great at getting rid of bulk and unnecessary items because there’s no place to put them. You can hold 1-12 cards in its main compartment while keeping cash secured with either a built-in elastic strap or money clip. You know it’s built for everyday carry thanks to its metal construction and that your cards will be secure as it blocks RFID signals as well.


Herschel Supply Co. Charlie

Herschel Supply Co. makes some great EDC wallets, but the Charlie Wallet is well on its way to becoming a classic. Its tough fabric holds up to everyday wear and tear and its compact no-fold design lets you carry your cards without adding bulk. On each side, you’ll get two slip pockets for cards and IDs, while a pocket in the middle stores your cash. If you deal with a lot of coins, this is a wallet that can get the job done without breaking the bank.

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Recycled Firefighter Sergeant

You’ll find that many EDCers carry the Recycled Firefighter Segeant wallet. As the name implies this wallet is made of recycled vinyl tarp that a fire hose is made from, so you know it’s durable enough for EDC. Because the material is repurposed, each wallet comes with unique scuffs and marking so you’re getting a one-of-a-kind product. You can carry up to eight cards and the nylon strap fits cash you fold into thirds.

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Chums Surfshorts Wallet

Travel wallets make surprisingly good EDC wallets, and the Chums Surfshorts Wallet is proof. It has two zippered pockets on either side for keeping card, cash, and coins securely stowed away. It also has an ID window along with a built-in keyring so you can attach the wallet to a bag or, of course, hold your keys.

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Everyone has a favorite wallet, so what’s yours? Let us know in the comments what your favorite is. The more efficient, the better!

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Nate ·
I have the trayvax element and put a chain on it. I love the rugged leather/metal/minimal look and it is tough as nails. Definitely worth the money.

The best part about these "top" lists isn't the EDC products in the article. It's the suggestions and links in the comments section that really stand out!!
TKsovereign ·
Ain't that the truth!
Karl Hicks ·
I won't lie, I love my Recycled Firefighter Sergeant but the Slimfold Micro RFID Softshell wallet caught my eye. If any of you have used it I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Alex ·
I have and love this wallet. I've had two of the original Slimfold Micro wallets, and just got the Softshell because the originals wear out after a year or two of normal use. The Softshell is not showing any of the signs of wear that the originals had. It's a different material and has held up perfectly so far. I don't expect to have to buy a new one any time soon, and highly recommend this choice.
Karl Hicks ·
That's awesome! Thank you for your reply. I love the look and design but I wasn't sure about it. Looks remarkably thin, especially when empty.
Alex ·
Currently it has 4 cards (driver's license, work ID, debit & credit card), 9 bills, and 1 personal check, and it's about 9mm thick.
Karl Hicks ·
Wow, that's pretty good.
Brian Draghi ·
Distilunion Wally Micro. Hands down one of the slimmest high quality front pockets wallets out there.
Israel McMullin ·
You know, the best minimal wallet, to me, is rubber band, specifically the rubber band that holds together bunches of broccoli. Whenever my wallet starts to wear out, I toss it and grab a new one from the junk drawer. It works great and costs next to nothing—plus it comes with some delicious broccoli. What's not to love?
TKsovereign ·
My brother for awhile had me using a simple binder/clip that you would find in an office setting. Talk about minimal and strong.
Kevin Quintana ·
The Dango tactical wallet is hands down better then all of these, with or without the multi-tool. Do not know why this wallet is not listed, anyhow i got mine so no worries here :)
Jess Hines ·
The Allet from the Grommet should be included. Super slim, even with lots of cards. After more than a year of use, I still have to double-check to make sure I have it!
Jeff Povey ·
I have purchased lots of minimal wallets.

Whilst I love the likes of my Travvax Summit and the machine Era Ti5, which are great wallets, I keep coming back to the Maxpedition Spartan.

The reasons that I gravitate back to the Spartan are thus :

1, Here in the UK, cash is still king to a degree, so quite often I am carrying more than 5 notes (bills)

2, UK bills are bigger than US Dollars or Euro's.

Shame really, as I would love to carry just the Travvax summit or Machine Era Ti5 on its own.

The Machine Era Ti5 still gets used though, for loyalty cards at supermarkets, Subway etc
if you still use cash, you should try the tyni wallet. It holds tons of cash, i think they advertise up to 30 bills
Jeff Povey ·
Thanks Jim.

I occasionally use my "Trove" wallet (www.trove.cc) which is made here in the U.K.

It's a shame that a lot of EDC gear is difficult to get hold of here in England, with postage for a lot of gear costing as much, if not more, than the gear itself.
Greg ·
Kind of surprised the Rever Vant Clipfold didn't make the list. It's more like an old fashioned wallet than any on the list, and is slimmer than some of them.
Taylor English ·
I still love my Flowfold vanguard. It's tough as nails, has just the right amount of storage including a proper cash pocket, all while being thinner than the majority of the wallets listed here. Oh yeah, and it floats for those of you who are into aquatic activities.
My wallet of choice is the TGT Nightcall 2.0. TGT gets a lot of love around here. I've abused that thing by shlepping it around and sitting on it for like three years straight, yet it looks like I took it out of the box yesterday.
John ·
Glad to see Chums on the list... my favorite! Been using it for years.
David Merchan ·
I use the Back Saver Wallet from TPK Golf. Simple, small and can hold more than you would believe. You can customize it through the company too!
Some look pretty nice but I'm sticking with my Dango Tactical.
TKsovereign ·
Nice topic and I have seen so many wallets from here in the past (kickstarter et. al.) that it's mind boggling. I have seen some nice wallets from Triple 7 Gear. I'll eventually get something in a minimalist form but I don't carry a wallet (kept in get home bag in locker at work) and reserve the pockets to burts and a blade. Still I could use something for when the need arises.
Rayray ·
No Distill Union..? Just paid advertising...
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