The Best Tactical Belts for EDC in 2020

The Best Tactical Belts for EDC in 2020

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Normal belts are boring. Sure, they keep your pants from falling down after you've loaded up your pockets. But being the EDCers that we are, we try to find utility and quality in every piece of our gear—including those that may seem like the last place you'd find something useful.

But the thing is, there's plenty of room on belts for extra features. And we're not talking just having an extra place to clip or attach things to. Their length, width, and hardware are prime places to add (or conceal) tools or other features. And even better: they'll all be within arms' reach.

There's also the fact that belts aren't and shouldn't be limited to just pieces of leather and metal. They can take cues from how other items meant for heavy everyday use are built, and come with better construction and materials. Heck, even the material itself can be useful, as can be seen below.

So we've rounded up 8 belts that do more than keep you decent in public. Each one comes with features and construction beyond what you would find at your local department store. And think about it: Batman doesn't wear a regular leather belt, does he?

BLACKHAWK! CQB/Rigger's Belt

When a belt meets military specifications for working with parachutes, then it's probably more than tough enough to last a lifetime of everyday use. BLACKHAWK!'s rigger's belt is built from nylon webbing with up to 7,000 pounds of tensile strength, with parachute-grade buckles and adapters that meet PIA-H-7195 standards.

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Hanks Gunner Belt

While it looks like a regular leather belt, Hanks Belts aren't fooling around with the build quality of their US-made Gunner Belt. Designed for the wear, tear, and weight of CCW with 14-ounce, extra thick, full grain leather, Hanks Belts made sure this was the last leather belt you needed to buy. They're standing by it, too, with a 100-year warranty.  And with its classic design and 5 colors to choose from, matching the Gunner Belt to your every outfit is simple.

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5.11 Tactical TDU Belt

You may have seen reinforced nylon on the straps and fittings of heavy-duty bags, so why not looped into your pants? 5.11 Tactical's TDU belt is made from rip-resistant nylon, making it a rugged, yet lightweight alternative to the usual leather. The material is fade- and fray-resistant and reinforced with quadruple stitching, giving it longevity even with hard use. The TDU belt also comes with a plastic buckle, so you can breeze through metal detectors while everyone else in line is still taking theirs off.

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RattlerStrap Paracord Belt

We don't need to tell you how useful paracord is  but we can tell you that a belt made from it has endless potential. We're talking over 100 feet of US-made, 550 utility cord with a thick, warp-resistant sheath handwoven around a titanium buckle. You can adjust it to fit your needs since it doesn't need any sizing holes, making it great for everyday wear. And if it so happens that you need to unravel the RattlerStrap in an emergency, RattlerStrap will re-make it into a belt at no extra charge.

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Elite Survival Systems Cobra Rigger's Belt

It's well and good that a belt's main material is rugged and can carry thousands of pounds of weight, but a weak buckle means a weak belt all the same. Elite Survival Systems's Cobra belt solves this problem with an AustriAlpin Cobra D-ring buckle, an incredibly robust piece of hardware rated up to 4,000 pounds of straight pull strength. It's still easy to use thanks to its quick-release feature. Its integrated D-ring is also a prime spot for attachments for a keychain or other EDC essentials.

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Grip6 No Holes Belt

Grip6 set out to solve 3 common problems most belts have: extra holes you never use, excess flap sticking out from your jeans and under your shirt, and bulky buckles that protrude indiscreetly. They address all 3 with their No Holes belt, made right in their shop in the USA. With mil-spec custom nylon webbing paired with an aircraft-grade aluminum buckle, the belt stays strong while staying lightweight and low-profile. And with multiple colors for both parts and an easy way to swap each of them out, there's no problem matching the belt with the rest of your EDC.

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Condor Tactical Belt

While more at home on the field with a uniform than on your daily office commute, the Condor Tactical Belt nonetheless gives you extra storage when you need it. With two detachable pouches that can fit smaller essentials like a flashlight or multi-tool and a quick release buckle, it functions well as a grab-and-go belt that can work with your existing one. It's rugged, fully adjustable, and makes good use of its 2” width.

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Brown Coat Tactical EDC Tactical Belt

Brown Coat Tactical is another made in the USA belt with one key feature: it makes use of another US-made piece of hardware, the Raptor buckle. It's an alternative to the Cobra buckle with a lower profile for a sleeker look. 1.5” scuba webbing is paired with 1” mil-spec nylon webbing for the extra durability you need when carrying heavier loadouts.


Are you using a tactical belt for your EDC? We'd love to hear which and why you chose it. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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I use the Blackhawk! Rigger's for 4 years now and it's still going strong. Though i am in the market for a new one and have my eyes set to the Raptor Tactical retainer belt cause it has utility sections and even a holster section.
I bought a Grip6 a few months ago, great belt.
i plan on getting a couple of those cobra's.. . . one day
Yeah some of these belts are pretty cool, even tacticool some would say.
In the effort to stay under the radar and not be noticed I'd go with the Hank's gunner belt or maybe the grip 6 no holes belt that looks pretty cool.
Personally I like the look and feel of leather so I just have regular brown leather belt with an old brass buckle a found in the shed.
Not to rain on anyone's parade, but almost all of the belts featured scream "tacticool." If you carry a CCW, you may want to consider more discreet options like the Hanks belt above, or those offered by Simply Rugged or Triple K. There is no better giveaway to the keen observer than tactical belts, boots, hats, backpacks that you are carrying a firearm which defeats the purpose of concealing altogether. Rigger belts are great when in uniform but they are obviously gun belts.
I got the Hanks Kydex Reinforced CCW belt. It is excellent. It's made of very high quality leather and has a kydex band held in place by ballistic nylon. This makes a very stiff lateral belt which keeps my gear exactly where I put it so if I need to retrieve it I know right where it is. The nylon keeps sweat away from the leather. The leather is also very durable for when I decide to slide on a belt OWB holster. The belt looks very boring from the front, which is a plus when evaluating the OP. I recommend this belt to any serious user.
Magpul Tejas Belt- Looks good, durable and solid enough for IWB and OWB holsters.
I really dig the concept of the Grip6, low profile and minimalistic as it gets! Does anyone have experience with the 'No Holes Belt'?
I do. I have been wearing it for close to a year and am very happy with it. It is as low profile as you can get, yet tough enough to hold any kind of clip. It is comfortable and I like the fact that it does not look tactical so you can wear it in any setting with any kind of pants.
Thank's for the insight, Ephie! I also do like the non-tactical / low-profile approach of the G6. Cheers.
I've had mine for a month and I love the quality. I have a blue buckle with gray belt. I like that it lays flat and the extra belt lays behind instead of up front. It looks slick. I'll give it a few more months before I get more. It has a slight learning curve to tighten and loosen so I want to see if it gets old over time.
Love your colour-combination, Franklin! I still have to make up my mind, which colours I'll choose 🤔
I really love the combination I chose. Go crazy with color pickers. Something will speak to you for sure.
Hey Kevin, so my wife uses these belts too so we actually bought the bundle pack! Yup, I own every single belt and buckle color. But I still wear gray and blue everyday. ; )
It's great, you won't regret it. Brilliant design, definitely different that regular belts. I don't use it for CCW, just as a regular belt, so I can't speak to that aspect though.
Thank's for your answer, zaus! I would also use mine as a regular belt, due to the fact, that I don't own a gun and I want to keep mine as slim and low profile as possible.
I am curious if anyone knows of a CHEAP alternative to more expensive gun belt such as these. I have heard Walmart carries a $12 belt that would be a good gun belt without looking "tactical" (while maintaining rigidity). Although these belts all have their place and preferred by some. I am a CCW holder and carry concealed and I don't want to stick out like a sore thumb with a tactical belt while wearing jeans or khakis. Please help.
The 5.11 TDU belt above is not too much, I picked one up last year for about 20$ and it's well made.
The Double Duty version is what I've been wearing for going on 3 years now, couldn't ask for more from a belt. Only drawback is that the buckle sticks out due to so much material behind it, but from what I've heard the normal TDU belt doesn't have that problem.
Thanks Nightwatch.great price, less "tactical" than most. But I am looking for even more subtle every day belt. From walking around the grocery store to walking around a crowd. I don't want to feel like anything I wear draws any attention to myself and my gun.
I recently bought the Kore x1 tactical belt and so far, it has been way better than my friction based web belts. No rolling, tighten it and it stays set. I'm thinking about buying their more formal leather one for work and church.
The Kore gun belt with the new track system blows these others away. It's just that good. Fits like a glove, very comfortable and stiff with no sag. I carry IWB with a Glock so I need a great gun belt. Some casual cc guys might not care, but I do.
Ares Gear Aegis should be on here~
And where's Wilderness Tactical on the list?
Pretty silly to make a list of "tactical belts" that doesn't include any of the double-layer leather belts, like those made by Armour, Beltman, Milt Sparks, and at least a hundred other holster-makers.
How about doing a review on gun belts? It is definitely a must have for any EDC that includes a weapon and a spare magazine. Would love to see reviews on some before I purchase a new one.
Belts, they aren't just for discipline.
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