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The 10 Best Wallets for Men in 2020

Jonathan Tayag
The 10 Best Wallets for Men in 2020

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Your wallet is the most important piece of gear in your pockets, but it can also be the most bulky if you're not careful. Paring down the amount of cards and cash you bring around can help, but the kind of wallet you carry matters a lot as well. Switching to a slim front pocket wallet is a great way to reduce size and bulk. Along with the smaller footprint, being able to EDC your wallet in your front pocket helps avoid discomfort while making it easier to secure when you're on the go. In this guide, we're rounding up some of the most interesting slim front pocket EDC wallets for you to consider. We'll go over what makes them unique and also why they deserve a place in your everyday carry.

Bellroy Micro Sleeve

With its beautiful double-tanned top-grain leather construction, the Bellroy Micro Sleeve has all the class you come to expect out of a nice traditional leather wallet, but without all of the bulk. It features a minimalist design that accomodates up to four of your most essential cards in the external slots. The central pocket lets you carry a small amount of folded cash as well. And unlike a lot of other slim card carriers, the Micro Sleeve's central pocket opens up with a pinch for easy access at the register.

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Hayvenhurst Pop Up Wallet

Have your card essentials instantly on hand at the push of a button with Hayvenhurst's Pop Up Wallet, a sleek, minimalist option able to hold 4-5 cards while taking up next to no space in your pocket. Aluminum construction with a carbon fiber pattern lets it stealthily fit in with the rest of your carry while blocking RFID signals, and a multi-purpose cash strap can hang on to folded bills, notes, and other items without bulking up its slim design. And any time you need your cards, one push of its signature button fans them out, ready for use at a moment's notice.

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Magpul DAKA Essential Wallet

The DAKA Essential Wallet is a no-nonsense slim minimalist EDC card holder made of durable reinforced polymer fabric. It's designed to help you take your most important cards with you, and it can stand up to some serious abuse along the way. Because of Magpul's expertise with polymer, they were able to fashion the DAKA Essential Wallet without any seams or stitching to break under pressure. The DAKA Essential Wallet is available in four familiar tactical colorways; pick the one that suits your mission and your ensemble.

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Trayvax Ascent

The Trayvax Ascent is a minimalist wallet that marries the traditional aesthetics of having a top-grain oil-tanned leather wallet, with the convenience of having a modern stainless steel plate that adds structure and durability into the mix. It's designed to accommodate 4-7 cards, and some folded cash as well. And as you bring the Ascent along with you on your travels, the leather shell will develop an attractive patina, adding unique character. It's a made-in-the-USA wallet that's built to last, and Trayvax stands by it with a lifetime warranty.

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Pioneer Molecule

The Pioneer Molecule is likely the lightest wallet you can get your hands on today. It weighs in at an incredible 28.2 grams, a feat accomplished thanks to its 10XD ripstop fabric futureform molded construction. 10XD is a super-lightweight, yet strong technical fabric, and it is also highly resistant against water and sweat damage. It's even able to survive being left in the wash after a bad day. And with room for 4-6 cards and some folded cash, it's everything you need for your everyday carry.

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Rugged Material Ranger Wallet

The Ranger is a compact steel metal card carrier that lets you fit eight essential cards and slide them out for easy access when you need them. The cloth strap around the carrier helps retain your cards in the case, and it lets you carry folded bills along as well. The steel body acts as a natural RFID signal blocker to keep your card information away from skimmers, and its cerakote finish helps maintain its durability and corrosion resistance over time. And built into the precision-machined case are 12 essential tools including a bottle opener, a tool driver, and multiple wrenches for further utility.

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Dango C01 Civilian

The Dango Civilian is a hybrid traditional vegetable-tanned Italian leather wallet with a modern 6061 aerospace grade aluminum tab at the end that lets you attach a lanyard for easy carry and retention. Its four internal pockets comfortably fit 10 of your most essential cards, and the external silicone band lets you carry cash as well. For added utility, the Civilian is also compatible with Dango's MT02 multi-tool frame as well.

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RIDGE Wallet

The RIDGE features a unique card track that fits up to 12 cards, and which lets you fan them out for easy access when you need them. It's lightweight, at only 2 ounces, thanks to its aluminum construction. The aluminum plates are coated with durable ceramic into an attractive matte finish, and its natural RFID blocking abilities help keep your card information safe as well. The external clip lets you carry cash if you need to, but it also works to attach it to your gear or to your clothes as well.


Everyman Holden Wallet

When you think of a slim front-pocket wallet, chances are a bifold isn't in your mind. But the thoughtful and minimal construction of the Everyman Holden turns that assumption on its head. They've managed to slim down a bifold to a manageable 4.25 x 2.75 inch footprint, sized just right for front pocket carry. Inside, there's six slots for your cards and ID, and an actual cash holder that keeps your bills safe. And the Everyman Holden is made of high quality full-grain leather that's designed to last and develop character as you carry it with you every day.


Nodus Compact Coin Wallet

A lot of EDC front-pocket wallets will let you carry cash, but few are made to carry coins. If you cant get away from them, the Compact Coin is your best bet. Its zippered main compartment keeps your coins and other valuables from falling out, while having room for a house key to help you consolidate your carry. The wallet features RFID shielding to keep your identity safe on the go as well, but an external card slot lets you keep a single card unshielded for contactless payments or door access when you want it. With room for 2-17 cards, there enough space in the Compact Coin for everything you need. And with its full-grain vegetable-tanned leather construction, it looks great as well.


What's your favorite slim wallet for EDC? Leave a comment below! For more wallet options, check out our guides from the archives:

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Kevin J Meyer ·
Recycled Firedighter would've been my #1. Only one card slot and a cash strap, you can't get any more minimalistic than that!

The fact that Jake uses recycled/decommissioned materials is also a good reason, why the Leather Sergeant for instance, should be on this list.
This! I could not agree more. My go to for sure.
Sketchscape ·
Recycled Firefighter, DistilUnion Wally Micro and Minimo Wallet are all better and affordable choices compared to the 10 wallets listed here.
Goldthunder ·
How in the world is there no recycled firefighter on here? Good grief. Cmon
Marco ·
How is the Tyni wallet from Teng & Co. not on here? The wallets they have here are either too hard, with all the metal or don't carry enough. I've had my Tyni wallet for three years now and it is still my go to wallet. It's slim and holds all my cards and cash.
I agree they are awesome!
I think a lot of these are paid reviews.
G Allen Riedel ·
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saaexclusive ·
Thank you for sharing the amazing list of top 10 wallets. I really loved the collection.

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Darko Gonzlez ·
the Chums Wallets???
Mike Harris ·
I love my Slimfold Micro Soft Shell. I had their tyvek version before this one.
Billy ·
Disc Wallet all the way! Along with Bellroy by best two brands who consistently have amazing products and no shortcuts in their creation
Alan Wendt ·
I'll stick to my baurdi
Donald Mcgreggor ·
surprised to see no mention of Cascade Wallet. Since i have been using it and in love with it now.
Blake Bullen ·
No mention of the Herschel Supply Charlie wallet? thats what I use daily and its the same size as the Magpul DAKA wallet.
Dan Iakovos ·
I started my slim wallet carry with the Machine Era Ti5 and never carried a bifold since.
Matthew French ·
My Crabby Wallet has never let me down. Slim and functional.
David Pyrus ·
I suppose it depends upon how you define “slim” but, I’m disappointed there’s no mention of the FlipSide Wallet.
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