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BLANK FORCES HyperLink Carabiner

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BLANK FORCES HyperLink Carabiner

Spend enough time looking at EDC setups and you’ll notice the popularity of carabiner-style key hangers as an integral part of how people carry and use their everyday essential gear. For some, it’s the first thing that they find a solution for when building their EDC, while for others, it’s the last thing that completes their ideal daily carry. And while there are a ton of options for basic carabiner functionality, the BLANK FORCES HyperLink stands out from the crowd with its integrated deep-carry pocket clip, full titanium construction, and snag-free, streamlined design.

The pocket clip is designed to allow you multiple ways of hanging the HyperLink, providing inboard and outboard options when attaching it to a strap, pack, or pocket. It’s positioned so that the carabiner body can hang as deeply as possible, letting it sit flush and preventing accidental removal and loss. This also makes it less likely to get the body scratched or damaged while in transit, leaving only the clip exposed when carrying inboard. And like most key hanger carabiners, you can also use the standard gate to hang the HyperLink off the belt loop of your pants, with the low profile clip getting out of the way.

A chassis and gate 3D-machined from solid Grade 5 titanium keeps the 2.5" long, 1" wide HyperLink down to a svelte 0.7 ounces. This makes it a compact, lightweight, and corrosion-proof addition to your daily carry. Its rounded edges and streamlined body helps it avoid snagging onto your other gear or worse yet, other’s gear when out and about. When it’s time to use, the carabiner gate opens wide for hanging onto belt loops and bag straps, and is kept sturdy by a stainless steel pivot and spring. Everything about this compact key- and gear-hanging carabiner is designed and built for out-and-about EDC use.

The BLANK FORCES HyperLink is a great way to upgrade your daily key-carrying setup, providing a tough, lightweight, and streamlined chassis that allows for multiple carry options. It’s also a great gift for your favorite EDCers, and one that you know they’ll easily integrate into their setups.  There’s less than a week left to take advantage of a 20% discount on pre-orders, so be sure check out their page before the special launch pricing closes on August 9th. While you’re at it, check out their Titanium Keyrings, which pair perfectly with the HyperLink, as well. Pick up a couple for you and your friends at the link below.

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