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Traveling is one of life’s greatest blessings as well as one of its most troublesome curses. As a leisure activity you get to experience the world and see its wonders, but for something tedious like a regular commute for work it takes up a lot of time and disrupts your everyday routines. But for either activity, as EDCers, it helps to be prepared. With boarding passes, hotel vouchers, and all manner of sizes of cards, cash, and coins, a travel wallet is the key to staying organized. BOND specialize in keeping things in order. From robust quality to thoughtful organization as well as a touch of security, their new Travel Wallet fits the bill(s) of the frequent flyer.

The Travel Wallet’s exterior comes in a black nylon exterior that’s both water- and abrasion-resistant, able to rough it up along with you while staying light. To make better use of the exterior space, BOND have stitched in EDC-friendly slots onto the wallet’s front cover, sized perfectly to fit travel essentials like a pen or light. BOND’s signature orange paracord pull tab then gives easy purchase to its full-length zipper and grants access to the wallet’s interior.

On the inside, the Travel Wallet manages your most important travel essentials. Along the left side you have a pocket for your passport and slots for your travel cards, in a RFID-blocking fabric to protect you from skimming. There’s also a mesh pocket that sits on top of the passport and card slots which comes in handy for coins or loose tickets and receipts. Front and center on the right side is an included A6 notebook, which comes with fountain pen-friendly Tomoe River 68 gsm paper. Pull out your pen from the front of the wallet and always be ready to jot down important notes for your trip.

Whether you’re jetsetting to see the world or on your way to an important meeting on the other side of the globe, keeping your essentials organized and secure is the most important step both on and off the ground. Pick up BOND’s Travel Wallet from Amazon at the link below.

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