Brevitē Camera Backpack

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Photographers rejoice! It’s hard to safely carry around your camera gear without using a bag that screams “there’s expensive stuff in here” while providing the protection your delicate gear needs. Enter the Brevitē – a backpack designed for everyday use, with or without a camera. What makes the Brevitē unique is its set of features geared specifically towards photographers. The exterior includes a shoulder strap with lens cap retainer, tripod carrying straps, and an optional rain cover to keep all of your kit dry. On the inside, there’s a customizable system of padded dividers, a laptop sleeve, and a quick access door for a smaller camera – all of which can be removed if you’re leaving the camera at home. Not only would the Brevitē make a great home for your camera gear, but its clean aesthetics and configurability make it a great everyday pack as well.


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