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Chrome Industries puts out some of the finest urban EDC backpacks your money can buy, and they’re made especially for bike messengers and people who haul goods, documents, and gear on a frequent basis. And whether you’re on and off a bike, having a pack that lets you move nimbly through a crowd of cars or people always helps.

That’s why their redesign of their iconic Warsaw backpack has a lot to offer for everyday carry. The new Chrome Industries MD Backpack is a smaller and lighter bag with a number of quality of life improvements over the original that help with easy access and stowage of your loadout as you go about your business.

The “MD“ in the new Chrome Industries Warsaw MD pack stands for medium, and it’s definitely smaller and lighter than the original iteration of the bag. Where the original Warsaw bag sported a 55 liter capacity and a 5.2 pound weight, the new Warsaw MD sizes things down to a more manageable and EDC friendly 25 liters and 3.6 pounds overall. It keeps the top flap buckle opening design and makes it more accessible to people who are not in fact bike messengers while maintaining the smart design features that make it a great urban EDC pack.

And those features include: a four-point buckle compression system, hook and loop shoulder strap accessory mounts, an exterior zippered tool pocket, a plethora of organizational pockets underneath the main flap, and an easy access ballistic nylon U-lock holster. Rain or shine, the mix of 1680D and 1050D with PU backing means you’ll enjoy superior abrasion and water resistance with the bag, keeping the gear and clothes you pack inside high and dry, too.

Sometimes, to make a great everyday carry bag, bigger isn’t always better. That’s certainly the case with the newly-released Chrome Industries Warsaw MD Backpack. Whether you spend a lot of time delivering items in the city with a bike or you need a daily driver to take to the office, it’s a great choice for urban EDC. Click the link below and buy one for yourself today.

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