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32 Father's Day Gifts for His Everyday Carry 2022

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32 Father's Day Gifts for His Everyday Carry 2022

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   25 Father's Day Gifts for His Everyday Carry

Quick heads up: Father's Day is coming up in just a couple of weeks on June 19th. If you need help picking out the perfect gift for him, we've got you covered. In this gift guide, we've got 32 practical everyday carry gift ideas fit for every kind of dad. You're bound to find something that's right up his alley, whether he spends his time crushing it as he heads back into the boardroom, needs help rounding out workout essentials for the house, or takes down his DIY project backlog in his spare time. Whatever he's into, he deserves the best gear to do it, and we've rounded it all up in this guide.

Father's Day 2022 Gift Ideas for…

The Professional

For the successful dad who's always on his grind, takes pride in his work, and crushes it at the office day in and day out…

  • Tactile Rockwall Thumbstud Magnacut: Tactile may be best known for their ultra-premium EDC pens, but last year they spun off a knife company offering top-tier knives in traditional styles perfect for the professional dad. Their flagship knife is the Rockwall Thumbstud with its 3” drop point blade in the latest and greatest steel, Crucible Industries’s MagnaCut, with incredibly high corrosion resistance and superior toughness. This blade folds into titanium handles textured with a similar pattern to Tactile’s machined pens, making the knife equally at home in a suit pocket or a workbench toolbox. (Buy)

  • Q Timex GMT 38mm: The professional dad needs a professional timepiece. With Timex continuing to surprise with their Q line of affordable but super stylish and classy watches, they’re a superb everyday timekeeping option for dad. In particular, the Q Timex GMT packs an iconic Pepsi bezel on top of its 38mm case, while inside ticks a Swiss-Made quartz movement with a GMT complication, letting a jet-setting dad track two timezones at once. A stainless steel case and bracelet complete the Q’s eye-catching look. (Buy)

  • Ridge Carbon KeyCase: A busy dad always on the move shouldn’t have to worry about messy and jangly keys, so Ridge’s Carbon KeyCase is a classy way to keep his in check. It consists of a single piece of 6061-T6 aluminum machined in a U-shape that gives it the tension to expand or shrink depending on how many keys he needs to carry and can accommodate between 2-5 keys. He also gets two carry options: a black keyring and a pocket clip. He can use the keyring to attach it to another piece of gear or add keychain-sized accessories, like a car fob or a keychain light. Or he can use the clip to keep it secure in his pockets along with the rest of his EDC. (Buy)

  • Nedrelow Magic Sleeve: Magnets are always a magical addition to many accessories, and Nedrelow puts them to good use in their unique accessory. Dad may have a favorite way to carry his laptop or tablet, but the Magic Sleeve twists the form factor by lining its edges with super-strong n52-grade magnets, which lets him simply fold it over to secure his device and accessories. When open, the Magic Sleeve also doubles as an excellent working mat thanks to its natural and comfortable Merino wool construction. (Buy)

  • Bedouin Foundry Barbarossa: Despite their high-tech materials, many modern bags may still look a bit out of place in a professional setting. It’s hard to beat the timelessness of a classic leather messenger, and Bedouin Foundry out of England built a perfect one for the professional dad. The 15-liter Barbarossa is handmade in Lincolnshire, England, constructed from 12-ounce waxed canvas and Italian veg-tanned leather in an easy-to-use top flap style secured by a Cobra buckle. Inside is room for dad’s laptop or tablet, along with padded internal dividers to organize his essentials. (Buy)

The Gadget Enthusiast

For the tech-savvy dad whose vice is his devices…

  • Ridge Smart Wallet Kit: Let's face it, not all dads know how to take care of nicer things. Whether he's always losing his wallet or somehow destroying them in impressive ways, any dad can benefit greatly from the Ridge Smart Wallet Kit. The wallet itself is made of tough carbon fiber that's both lightweight and damn near impossible to break. It can hold up to 12 cards and protects them from bad guys with RFID blocking. It also comes with a handy AirTag clip that securely snaps onto the wallet so that even if he does lose it somewhere it can be tracked down and retrieved. (Buy)

  • Sonos Roam: Nothing says summer like listening to music outdoors. If dad just likes kicking back with some tunes then the Sonos Roam could be the perfect solution. It's small enough to fit in a backpack, can survive getting splashed on poolside thanks to its IP67 waterproof build, and best of all it fits right into any existing Sonos setup. He can group it with other Sonos speakers to play everything in sync over WiFi or switch to Bluetooth and take it to the beach without any issues. Battery life is rated up to 10 hours of continuous playback and it comes in a few different color options as well. (Buy)

  • Fujifilm Instax Mini Evo: The beauty of a polaroid is the instant satisfaction of seeing a printed photo of a special moment in a matter of minutes. The new Fujifilm Mini Evo takes the logical next step by combining its popular instant film cameras with functionality that you'd typically find in modern digital cameras. The lens has a rotating dial with 10 options that give you a unique twist on your picture, while a knob up top allows for 10 different film effects. Combining the two allows for some very unique pictures, and he can even select his favorite shots in the smartphone app before printing them to film. (Buy)

  • Garmin InReach Mini: Getting outdoors is a great way to disconnect from society and reconnect with nature, but that doesn't mean there can't be a little tech involved. If dad likes to go off-grid, he might appreciate the Garmin InReach Mini. This little satellite communicator is small enough to easily fit in his pack and weighs only 3.5 oz, so when every ounce counts it won't weigh him down. It's IPX7 waterproof and provides up to 90 hours of GPS tracking every 10 minutes so loved ones can keep track of progress when cell signal is non-existent. (Buy)

  • IKEA VAPPEBY: For the dad that doesn't have an existing Sonos setup, you can always go with the VAPPEBY outdoor Bluetooth speaker/lamp from IKEA. It's a minimal Bluetooth speaker complete with Spotify Tap for easy control of your music, but it just so happens to also double as a handheld lamp. Whether dad is camping or hanging out on the deck, the integrated handle makes for easy transportation around the vicinity. It delivers 360-degrees of sound and is IP65 water and dust resistant. You can choose between simple gray or modern blue color options and give a practical and unique gift that won't break the bank. (Buy)

  • G-SHOCK GA-2100 “CasiOak”: The G-SHOCK GA-2100 has been nicknamed the "CasiOak" by watch lovers because it shares design elements with the grail watch that is the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. But this G-SHOCK is as much as anyone could want with a tough carbon resign case that can take a beating. It has all the functions you'd expect including the option to set up 5 alarms, a timer, and a stopwatch. It has a water resistance of 200 meters and is also shock-resistant. This isn't one of those watches that he'll have to put back in the box before doing the lawn. (Buy)

  • Storm² Portable Charger: If dad is a true techie, he'll appreciate a portable battery pack that will keep all his gear charged up on the go. The Storm² portable charger is perfect for trips to the cafe or across the world as it comes equipped with multiple outputs to charge whatever he has. It has two USB-C ports, a standard USB-A port, and even a DC outlet. It has 25,600mAh worth of power and comes equipped with a screen that provides useful information at a glance. (Buy)

The DIYer

For the dad who loves to work with his hands, can fix just about anything, and is always tinkering with a new project…

  • Leatherman Curl: Sometimes it’s too much of a hassle for dad to reach for the whole toolbox for a quick fix. That’s where a great pocket-sized multi-tool like the Leatherman Curl comes in clutch. The newly released Curl is based on the iconic Leatherman Wave+ multi-tool, with most of the same essential tools but in a lighter package at a more affordable price. Leatherman even offers customization options to make the tool extra special just for your father. (Buy)

  • NEBO Slim+ 1200: Good lighting can make or break a project, especially if he’s working late into the night or in dark spaces. The NEBO Slim+ 1200 work light will brighten his day and keep his hands free to get the job done. This compact light boasts 1200 lumens of floodlight, and even includes a laser pointer for lining things up precisely. (Buy)

  • Knipex CutiX: The dad in your life deserves something better than a junk-drawer boxcutter. Get him an upgrade like the Knipex CutiX. While Knipex is best known among the EDC crowd for its popular pliers, the CutiX offers the precision performance and reliability you’d expect from the brand. Its ergonomic and light-yet-strong magnesium build accommodates replaceable snap-off blades, while its unique stabilization bar prevents them from bending or breaking. (Buy)

  • Gerber Chonk: Pry bars are all the rage in the EDC scene right now. With a dedicated pry tool like the Gerber Chonk, your dad can crack open those cans of paint, lift nails, and whatever else handy dads do without the risk of damaging his other tools that aren’t designed for prying. The Chonk packs extra functionality in its 4” frame, like screwdrivers and a bottle opener, making it worthy of his pocket space. (Buy)

  • TS80P Soldering Iron: If your dad does any sort of tinkering with electronics, a good soldering iron is invaluable. And if he’s interested in EDC gear, he’ll especially appreciate the TS80P thanks to its ultra-compact design, modular tips, and convenient USB-C power. (Buy)

The Jetsetter

For the dad who loves to travel and only packs the best of the best…

  • Distil Union Maglock Sunglasses: If your dad doesn’t have a pair of shades because he keeps losing them, Distil Union’s Maglock Sunglasses should solve that problem. These stylish, polarized sunglasses will stay clipped to his shirt (or any magnetic surface) thanks to neodymium magnets hidden in the temples. These lightweight and flexible shades come in a variety of classic styles, so you’re sure to find a pair he won’t want to take off. (Buy)

  • Anker 736 100w GaN Charger: When he’s far from home and has limited time near an outlet to charge during his travels, give him the peace of mind that he’ll have his devices charged and connected with a super-fast charger like this one from Anker. With GaN technology and a 100W output, he’ll have a quality charger for all his tech in a small, travel-friendly package. (Buy)

  • Aer Travel Pack 3 X-Pac: Upgrade his luggage game with an EDC-approved carry-on backpack that’s built for any journey. The Aer Travel Pack 3 X-Pac is thoughtfully designed to comfortably haul his travel essentials in an organized way. It’s constructed with a lightweight yet durable and water-resistant material, X-Pac, so he can depend on the bag wherever his travels take him. (Buy)

  • Proof 72-hour Merino Shirt: A merino wool T-shirt is his cheat code for minimalist travel. It’s naturally odor-resistant, stretchy, wrinkle-resistant, lightweight, and quick-drying, making it a no-brainer to pack for his next trip. Proof’s 72-hour Merino shirt is reinforced with 13% nylon in a flattering slim fit, so he can rock the tee as part of his everyday ensemble to boot. (Buy)

  • Sony Linkbuds S: A good set of noise-canceling headphones can take the headache out of traveling by drowning out the bustle of crowded airports or the drone of a jet on a long flight. But sometimes he’ll want to hear the natural ambient sound of his surroundings, like when crossing a busy intersection. The latest and greatest Sony Linkbuds S are perfect for the jet-setting EDCer as they’re the lightest active noise-canceling earbuds on the market, they can tune into ambient sound for more situational awareness, and they boast great Sony sound quality to boot. (Buy)

The Outdoorsman

For the adventurous dad who'd rather be outside, taking in nature more than anything…

  • Helinox Savanna Chair: Your dad probably has a camping chair already but it's probably not as comfortable as this one. The Helinox Savanna Chair is a high-back lounge chair made for the great outdoors. It collapses down to a small footprint that’s easy to put in the back of a car when car camping or glamping. And at 4lbs in weight, it’s lighter than most big camping chairs out there. The increased back support helps your dad relax and unwind at the campfire, and the drink holder lets him open a cold one while he’s at it too. (Buy)

  • Garmin Instinct 2 Solar: Your dad is probably the type to get lost in the great outdoors, but hopefully not literally. In case that actually happens though, you’re going to want him to have access to a GPS device that’s more accurate, more durable, and more reliable than the one built into his phone. And with the portability of a watch, the sun-powered Instinct 2 Solar by Garmin is his best bet. The Instinct 2 Solar is a watch that does far more than tell the time, it keeps track of your position anywhere in the world and it comes with a ton of features for tracking exercise and activities that match well with dads who go out to the woods a lot. (Buy)

  • Mystery Ranch Special Blend Summer 26: Mystery Ranch got their start making the kind of hard use outdoors trekking and hiking bags that couldn’t be bought readily from store shelves. Their Special Blend line features limited-run designs that put everything they know into the mix. And the Summer 26 certainly delivers, with a size and sturdiness that’s great for EDC in the great outdoors as well as to places much nearer to home. This made-in-the-USA pack features internal side division panels for the organization of gear, a tool attachment point for camera tripods or trekking poles, and a hydration sleeve that has a bit of padding to let it operate as a laptop compartment when your dad is headed to work. (Buy)

  • Leatherman Topo Signal LE: The Topo Signal is purpose-built for the dad who loves the great outdoors. It packs camping and survival essentials such as a firestarter, a hammer, an emergency whistle, and a sturdy knife all in one compact tool. It’s also stylish and useful enough for general EDC that your dad will be proud to wear it wherever he goes. This special edition ups the wow factor with the etched topographic design on the tool that contrasts handsomely with the green handles. (Buy)

  • Plano Frost 21 Cooler: Nothing beats a rotomolded cooler like the Plano Frost 21 when your dad is out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by trees. These can keep food and drink cold for days thanks to the great insulation and ice retention. It latches securely to protect against the contents spilling out when dropped, and the large handle makes it easy to carry to the campsite. (Buy)

The Active Dad

For the dad who likes to keep moving with all the right gear to take his workouts to the next level…

  • G-SHOCK GBD-200: Dad may be familiar with the classic indestructible G-SHOCK. But their new line of G-SQUAD watches built for active lifestyles offers modern tracking conveniences paired with the toughness and features G-SHOCK watches are known for. The GBD-200 has two key features useful for the active dad: step tracking and Bluetooth connectivity. The former lets him get in his steps without sacrificing the functions and toughness of a G-SHOCK, while the latter enables him to synchronize his data and timekeeping with his phone without switching to a pure smartwatch. It’s the best of both worlds in one super-tough package on his wrist. (Buy)

  • Nike Invincible Run Flyknit: Nike’s ZoomX foam is their most plush and responsive midsole technology yet. It’s found on their record-breaking marathon shoes, and some of the most comfortable everyday shoes dad can wear in the Invincible Run Flyknit. The shoes feature full-length ZoomX with a 37mm stack height for an incredibly plush experience underfoot, whether dad’s pounding pavement or taking on a full day of errands on his feet. (Buy)

  • Matador NanoDry Shower Towel: Matador’s packable towel lets dad always be prepared and hygienic no matter which gym he works out in. The NanoDry Shower Towel is built for travel, stowing into a compact silicone carry case to separate it from the rest of his gym clothes thanks to its ultralight nanofiber material. It’s also extra absorbent, able to take on 2.3x its own 5.6oz weight in water, and enough to handle a complete workout and shower. And of course, as its name suggests, the NanoDry also dries rapidly while outside its case, making it a great travel companion for dad. (Buy)

  • Shokz OpenRun Pro: There are a ton of true wireless earbuds on the market built for every conceivable activity, but none of them can offer dad the actual transparency and unique usability of the Shokz OpenRun Pros. For the unfamiliar, Shokz headphones use bone-conducting transducers to send mini vibrations through the cheekbones and deliver sound directly to the inner ear, bypassing the ear canal and eardrum entirely. It offers a truly open and comfortable listening experience while still offering dad complete privacy and full awareness of his surroundings. The OpenRun Pros come with IP55 water resistance and 10 hours of use to keep up with even the most extended workouts. (Buy)

  • YETI Rambler 46oz Bottle: Staying hydrated during active days is essential, and the 46 ounces of water the YETI Rambler comes with is sure to quench the thirst of even the most active dads. The Rambler comes in kitchen-grade 18/8 stainless steel steel, is puncture and rust-resistant, and built to last a lifetime. It’s also double-walled and vacuum-insulated to keep dad’s favorite hot drinks warm and cold beverages chilly, with a chug cap for a convenient drinking experience. The Rambler is dishwasher safe, 100% leakproof, and even comes with a handy grab handle for easy drinking on the go. (Buy)

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