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10 Copper Essentials to Put Patina in Your Everyday Carry

Mikey Bautista
10 Copper Essentials to Put Patina in Your Everyday Carry

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Adding gear made of copper to your EDC is a great way to add luster to your loadout. Like a good pair of leather boots, copper only gets better with time and use, developing a personalized patina that tells the story of your experiences. As one of the denser tool materials, it adds a nice heft to your gear, giving a solid feel when used. Copper's material properties allow better heat dissipation for tools like flashlights or electronics, keeping them cool and safe from damage while running. Needless to say, it's also one of the most beautiful and unique metals you can find on everyday items.

We've put together ten of the coolest copper products on the market, so check out our list below to find one to color up your carry.

Maratac Copper CR123 Flashlight (pictured Left)

An EDC classic with thick, beefy knurling and notches that work well with copper's heavier weight. Its twist activation will help develop interesting patterns in the patina over time. Shown here alongside copper companions, the Karas Kustoms Retrakt, and our next pick courtesy of Everyday Carry user Ron Dean.

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Zippo Copper Coated Lighter

What better material to use in a tool designed to be handled regularly? The beautiful copper color and patina also work well with the colors of fire.

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Corter Leather Bottlehook

One of the most recognizable and effective keychain retention designs on the market. Like the rest of Corter's products will wear and patina elegantly with every bottle opened or door unlocked.

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Suunto Essential Copper Digital Watch

A premium Finnish digital quartz, sporting an equally premium copper finish.

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Olight S1-Cu Baton Flashlight

The Olight S1 was one of the best EDC lights to come out in 2015, offering high performance at a low cost and an even lower footprint. A limited copper offering definitely helps its value as a desirable everyday light.

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Ti2 TechLiner Shorty Pen (pictured Left)

The TechLiner's magnetic cap sets it apart from other machined pens. Copper construction with a well-worn patina will help it stand out even more over time. See the TechLiner in good copper company (including our next pick) courtesy of Everyday Carry user Chris Szaroleta at his original submission.

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Prometheus Beta-QR Cu Flashlight

We loved the brass version, and the copper variant has the same, impressive midtech fit and finish. Copper's thermal conductivity working in tandem with its body ridges makes for a cool light when in use.

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Ka-Bar Coppersmith Barlow Pocket Knife

A gentleman's knife that will age just as well as its copper fittings. With two blades in a classic style, the Coppersmith is an heirloom in the making.

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Fisher Space Pen in Copper Zirconium Nitride

A pen that needs no introduction to everyday carry. Simple, compact, reliable, and now uniquely appealing in a copper zirconium nitride finish.

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Personalized Copper Money Clip

Carry your cash around in customized style. Copper construction, hand-stamped, and smells like money — a perfect combination.

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Do you have a favorite copper carry that didn't make our list? Or do you prefer your gear a bit lighter and classier, or with the sheen of titanium? Show off your carry's shine in the comments below!

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Nice! I love copper and bronze. Pray tell, what's the little doohickey attached to the Maratac? A pill fob?
Evolved Ape ·
That's exactly what it is
Cannon Taylor ·
Where'd you get the copper fob??
James A Smith II ·
Ron, can you post a link for the exact type of Sno-seal you use on your wallet? I've finally decided to pull the trigger!!! Thanks!
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Alex F ·
great article
Jhn-Pl Cllmr ·
Great stuff!
The level of awesomeness in these photos....must buy all the copper and bronze!
Craig Schaffer ·
I picked up a Copper Prometheus Beta and love it. My wife just called me and said my Copper EDK pen from Karas Kustoms is waiting for me at home!!
Robert Taradash ·
Nice, love KK
Smith Cian ·
Yall need to check out Ryan Forbes and Copper Shed Knife Works on Facebook. His stuff is lit!
Chris Butterfield ·
I love the copper and the coin! You may like my Kickstarter project, The FlatTop. Its a spin coin made in copper, brass or aluminum. Check it out at www.flattop.rocks
Don't forget the Svord peasant with copper scales!
Nixon Samuela ·
Nice gear not too much of a copper fan though. Anyways peeps follow me on Twitter @nxsn_
Emory Alexander ·
What is the fixed blade?
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