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Dango Capsule Wide

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Dango Capsule Wide

For most of us, each item in our EDC serves a clear purpose on its own: a knife for cutting, a pen for writing, a watch for telling the time, and so on. It makes sense to have these “main ingredients” in our EDCs as things we rely on every day — but what about all the other miscellaneous things we keep on us just in case? Nice-to-haves like extra batteries, spare change, or even medication can be hard to carry effectively, despite (or in some cases, because of) their small size. That’s why Dango devised their family of EDC-worthy Capsules, a set of sturdy containers dedicated to keeping your “smalls” in proper order. Whether it’s spare change for the parking meter, a spare key in case of a lockout, or even emergency matches you need to keep dry—if it’s small, chances are the Dango Capsule Family can store and protect it.

The newest addition to the Capsule Family sets itself apart from the more common pill-shaped containers with its wide and shallow form factor. This made-in-USA, food-safe, and waterproof container gives you a nifty way to carry and organize your small EDC items. Measuring 58mm x 21mm, it provides enough storage for a everyday items like a spare key, loose change, and mints. It’s also suitable as a go-anywhere container for emergency or outdoor gear like first aid essentials or even fishing bait for the more adventurous EDCers. Accessing your gear is a matter of simply twisting off its threaded screw-down lid. On the back, is removable stainless steel clip that lets you keep the Capsule Wide within easy reach—clipped onto your belt or the strap of your EDC pack. If you’re looking to let this settle in your pocket or in your bag, an integrated loop hole allows you to attach a lanyard, or secure it with a tether, ideally with one of Dango’s very own metal-clasped tethers or slings.

The Capsule Wide was also designed to be able to carry two of the regular-sized Capsules. At 13.5mm x 21.8mm, the Dango Capsule shares the same lightweight anodized 6061 Aluminum construction. They are food safe so you can carry pills or medicine, and are waterproof to 1000 feet to keep whatever you store safe and dry. This one closes with the Quad Loop Secure Cap that lets you tether it in different ways to your pack or gear, and Dango has thoughtfully included a Dual Loop to get you started. The Capsule family includes the upscaled Titanium Capsule, for those looking to get their EDC Ti fix, as well as the Capsule XL which ups the size to 19mm x 75mm, allowing you to carry backup cash, matches, charging cords, or—like the Capsule Wide—two regular Capsules for more storage and organization options.

It’s rapidly growing, but let’s not forget the original member of the family, the Coin Capsule. It’s a modern take on the coin carrier to complement your favorite minimalist wallet. This handy 60mm x 27mm aluminum container accommodates up to $5.44 in a combination of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. A belt clip and lanyard attachment point give you multiple ways to keep your coins handy, organized, and silent — no more pocket jangle.

All of the Capsule products are made in the USA and designed to be tough and easy to carry companions to help you bring all your small items everyday. You can get Dango’s new Capsule Wide in Satin Silver or Jet Black, with the option to include their Tether and Clip at the link below.

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Chris ·
Capsule is neat but that watch is sick. Any chance you know the make and model?
Miguel Martinez ·
Except it is made from 6061 aerospace grade aluminum, so storing a battery in it would cause the battery to discharge. Not a good idea.

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