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Carrying a lighter as part of your EDC can prove to be very useful, even if you don’t smoke. Whether it’s lighting candles in a blackout, finishing cordage to prevent fraying, or starting a campfire when outdoors—the utility of having a source of flame on you can be invaluable. A regular lighter can get the job done, but they have plenty of their own downsides. For example, pointing a conventional lighter downwards to light a deep-seated candle wick causes the flame to rise up and potentially burn your thumb, while throwing very little useful flame on your intended target. The DISSIM Inverted Lighter addresses this problem by being the first in the world to be designed for both upright at inverted use. It’s also an ergonomic, refillable, and adjustable option that, with its lifetime warranty, could be the last lighter you need to get for your EDC.

In their quest to make a better and more functional tool, the folks at DISSIM created a distinctive shape for the Inverted Lighter. Multiple prototypes were made looking for the right materials and size, and the round tail with the patent-pending circle grip was chosen for its ergonomics when operating the lighter in different hand positions. The trigger is large and easy to actuate, and sits far from the angled flame port that directs flame away from your hand when it naturally wants to rise. The hole in the middle of the body gives your finger a place to rest and brace the lighter while operating it inverted, giving you a natural and ergonomic grip. The distinct design is sleek and industrial, blending easily with the rest of your EDC gear.

The other features and details of the DISSIM Inverted Lighter make it more more convenient for daily use. The large grooved dial makes adjusting the strength and height of the flames easy, letting you dial down to a low temperature candle flame when appropriate, or all the way up for sparking a full-on campfire from a tinder pile. A fuel window on the side of the body lets you conveniently check on the levels of the internal 2 gram pressurized butane tank. Should you run low, the refill valve is easily accessed right above the fuel window, allowing you to use a readily available butane refill can to top up. At 3.5″ x 1.8″ x .6″ and with a weight of 3 ounces, this is no throwaway torch, but a robust everyday tool that’s executed with durable cast metal components, intended to serve you well for years to come.

The DISSIM Inverted Lighter comes with an optional water-resistant pouch for protection, and its design lets you carry a pocketable, refillable, and adjustable lighter that allows you to direct useful flame exactly where you need it. The lifetime warranty means you get a replacement sent should your lighter break, meaning this could be the only purchase you need to have a reliable and highly functional flame source for your EDC. Removing the need to dispose of conventional lighters when they run out gives this sustainable design the added bonus of being environmentally friendly in the long run. Turn your lighter paradigm on its head and check out the DISSIM Inverted Lighter at their Kickstarter page via the link below. Pledge now to get a 20% discount on a single lighter, and 35% off their top pledge package.

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