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At the end of the day, EDC is about adapting your gear to your needs. But sometimes, that translates to bringing more than you need, costing you both space in your pocket and time to reorganize if something isn’t working out. So with plenty of experience organizing and optimizing your pocket essentials, Distil Union have created a modular system to be the easiest way you build your carry every day. Thanks to a clever design, sleek aesthetics, and a healthy helping of magnets, the Ferris System makes your EDC out the door prep a breeze. They’ve updated it to be even better as your modular EDC base station this year, so read on below to learn more about the versatile system.

The Ferris System is designed to turn your two most-used essentials—your keychain and your wallet—into an adaptible system that lets you refit your carry as simple as possible. It consists of the following core modules: the KeyLoop Kit, KeyMod USB (16GB), KeyMod MultiTool, and the ModWallet Kit, each designed around patented MagLock components that let you freely interchange, mix, and match modules as you need with a secure snap.

Do you need a specific set of keys along with a compact multi-tool every day? Simply tap the KeyLoop onto each module to pick them up and stack them, ready to go. Need to add a drawer key or keychain flashlight to the pile? Just open up the KeyLoop and let the magnets do the work. No more fumbling around with split rings or carabiners.

The ModWallet Kit opens up the options for how you carry your keys and other essentials while still being interchangeable and complementary with each other. It takes care of cash and card duty with special modules designed specifically for its two-across magnets, but each of those attachment points are still compatible with the rest of the Ferris modules. This means you can create your own hybrid EDC by stacking the cash, cards, and essential key or tool modules all within the same ModWallet. It has the capacity of up to 14 cards, while still being thin and minimal for EDC.

As with the rest of Distil Union’s products, the Ferris System core products are wrapped in full-grain leather responsibly sourced from a Leather Working Group gold-rated tannery, while each of the modules come with neodymium magnets and TPU-backed nylon for durability and abrasion resistance. All those magnets means additional carry options as well, since both the Ferris components and modules can attach and be attached to any metallic surface. This is also where the optional ModStation comes into play, which is a “home base” for the Ferris System as well as the rest of the essentials you need as you’re on your way out the door. Grab and stack what you need when you’re heading out, and stick and store when you’re home for the day.

The Distil Union Ferris System opens up limitless possibilities for how you carry your essentials, making it fun and painless to build exactly what you need, when you need it. Check it out at Distil Union’s site at the link below.

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