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Chances are you carry small essentials in your EDC that you just cannot afford to lose or misplace. A great way to keep something on your person at all times is by carrying it in your keychain, since you’ll need your keys anyway when heading out the house. This is where the Dango Capsule comes in. It’s a small, 0.85“ container designed to keep small items like medication, batteries, and other tiny essentials safe and at the ready. Dango Capsules are precision-machined in the USA out of lightweight 6061 aluminum, and anodized to be food safe, which means it’s okay to stash your medication inside without having to worry about metal poisoning or contamination. The capsules are also built waterproof up to 1000 feet. They feature four holes at one end so you can attach a keyring or a lanyard to always keep them by your side. You can pick one up in six colors at the link below.

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