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Sometimes you don’t need a bag that’s jam-packed with shiny bells and whistles for your daily carry. For many of you, your bag is like an extension of your pockets, offering just a bit more storage for the rest of your essentials. DSPTCH have taken this thoughtfully restrained, utility-driven approach to their urban EDC bags. And now they’re pushing that to the next level with their experimental Research & Development (RND) capsule. Its first collection of bags takes proven, simple silhouettes and updates them in all the right places with functional hardware and futuristic materials. The Unit collection harnesses the high performance and unique properties of Dyneema composite fabric, resulting in barely-there, ultralight bags to carry your essentials.

The Unit collection highlights the best of what Dyneema composite fabric as a material can offer for your carry setup. It’s made with fibers that are ten times stronger than steel by weight, resulting in a high performance fabric that’s strong, waterproof, and ultra light. And while Dyneema looks and feels dramatically different from the heavy-duty, high-denier nylon DSPTCH usually uses, it still features qualities you’d want in your everyday gear.

DSPTCH opted for three classic silhouettes as the best platforms to highlight this futuristic material: a cross-body sling pouch, a low-profile musette, and a high capacity zippered tote. They all provide simple, no-frills extra capacity in an understated package. The smallest Unit Sling is useful for when you need a little more storage than the pockets on your clothes and want quick access to your gear while staying nimble on the go. The Unit Musette offers slightly more storage than the sling, but in a rectangular format better suited to keep a slim profile and to carry flat or low-volume essentials like notebooks and tablets. The Unit Tote rounds out the set a the largest capacity option for hauling gear. It addresses the usual shortcomings of basic totes by adding zippered compartments and two sets of straps: one for cross-body or off-the-shoulder carry, and another pair for briefcase-style hand carry.

The carefully considered hardware and design choices found on the Unit collection show how even the smallest details can make a big difference. To start, all three bags use large, waterproof YKK zippers to match the weatherproofness of the Dyneema fabric itself. The zippers even tuck into flexible zipper garages to leave no gap exposed to the elements. They’re fitted with textured, subtly branded zipper pulls for easier operation when you’re on the go. Next, all three bags feature DSPTCH’s quick release sling straps for instant, comfortable, and intuitive adjustment on the fly. It makes releasing slack into the strap to swing the bag around for front access effortless, while pulling on the strap both tightens and swings the bag back around onto your back in one smooth motion. Last but not least, the zippered Tote features premium Hypalon touchpoints on the handles for a comfortable, futuristic-feeling grip. You can browse the new collection in more detail over at DSPTCH’s site at the link below.

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