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Machined bolt pens have become EDC favorites recently for their tactile clickiness that ordinary plastic pens can only dream of. For their second Kickstarter project, BLANK FORCES out of Santa Monica, CA have made a solid metal bolt-action pen approximately 4” long. It’s an ideal size for EDC, keeping it pocket-sized while retaining the benefits of full-sized machined pens. You get a pen built to last, quality materials and craftsmanship, and a very satisfying bolt click unique to its kind.

The EDC Pocket Bolt Pen comes in two styles: a pocket version with a normal clicky top, and a keychain version with a removable screw top that has an attached split ring for easy retrieval from a keychain or bag. You have a choice of either a round or anti-roll hex-shaped barrel, with optional laser-engraved measurement scales. Its bolt mechanism comes with an auto-locking feature that prevents the pen from activating while in your bag or pocket, with an alternative clip configuration. The pen uses standard D1 refills available from most bookstores, and comes with one 0.7 mm Ohto needle point refill ready to use.

Always wanted a machined bolt pen but could never spare the size or weight? Check out and pledge for an EDC Pocket Bolt Pen in your ideal configuration at the link below.

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