Kisetsu Haru v2 Wallet

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It’s tempting to choose an EDC wallet solely by how small it is. But finding a minimalist wallet that delivers not just portability but also ease of use and security can be tough. Leave that to the slim wallet enthusiasts at Kisetsu. For their newest project, they’ve refreshed their successful Haru wallet with some welcome features: RFID shielding, premium leather options, and a more refined look. Like the original, the Haru v2 boasts an impressive balance of slimness, accessibility, and capacity.

It’s practically razor-thin at 3mm thick when empty, but accommodates 7 cards and 7 once-folded bills when maxed out. Thumb slot-equipped pockets on either side of the wallet grant you quick access to your most used cards. Stashing or getting to your cash in the Haru is easy too, thanks to a snug slot for bills to pass through from either side. For everything else, its spacious utility compartment can store less-used cards with enough wiggle room for you to quickly sift through them.

If you’re after that minimalist wallet experience but don’t want to compromise on what you carry or how you handle it all, give the Haru v2 a closer look. It’s available in six colors at Kisetsu’s fully funded Kickstarter at the link below.

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