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My go-to pocket essentials remain essentially unchanged. One new addition is the Prometheus EKO to my keychain (thanks Jason!). It doesn’t really provide any “new” functionality as my OBSTRUCTURES multitool can accomplish the same tasks, but I like the box opener on the EKO a little better.

The main changes recently have been in my wallet and pens. Not shown in the wallet are a Tile bluetooth tracking device, memory cards for my camera as I’m shooting product reviews and other imagery for the site, and other small things I need for work like MagSafe adapters when I plug into my office desk or home workspace.

I’ve started carrying two pens now — the Shorty with a red ink refill, and the Mover with a black Pilot Juice insert. Having two inks helps me as a creative and editor. Red ink lets me edit more clearly. As co-founder here I have a lot of things to-do every day, so these two are essential in maintaining my GTD (getting things done) workflow and productivity up.

I am really happy with my setup, but I think if I saved up I would look into the upcoming Spyderco production Rassenti (if it isn’t too big for me), a less expensive watch to beat up, and the updated 2014 version of my Eagletac.Thanks for looking!

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