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A lot of stuff goes into making a backpack that’s perfect for everyday carry, but one that can often get overlooked is how you’re able to load the bag full of your gear in the first place. In spite of great construction or ample space, sometimes even the best bags don’t have enough compartments or organization. This can lead to your gear haphazardly mixed together, and it also makes it hard to find the things you’re looking for because everything has shifted in transit. That’s why having good organizational pouches for your bag is important, especially something built to the same spec as your EDC bag. The EVERGOODS CIVIC Access Pouch 2L is one such pouch, built with an intuitive design that maximizes your carry space and protects your small valuables no matter what bag you decide to pair it with.

The EVERGOODS CIVIC Access Pouch sets itself from other organizational pouches with its structured, padded design and a convenient top zipper that lets you swing it open for loading and unloading with a unique, diagonal-cut design. It offers 2 liters of space in its main compartment, with built in dividers lengthwise that allow you to organize cords, small electronics, and other gear safely inside. The top panel has both an internal and external zippered storage compartment for more secure carry of items you don’t want falling out when you first open the pouch. It comes with a key leash if your primary bag doesn’t have that feature or you want to keep track of a different set of keys when you’re away from home.

There’s also a minimal top strap for ease of pickup, and a front-facing hook and loop square section for adding a bit of flair or identification if you so wish. Its 420D HT nylon fabric construction is durable, coated with PU for water resistance in case you need to access it on the fly, and the YKK zippers used in the production of the pouch will stand up to the rigors of heavy use for a long time. And at any rate, EVERGOODS stands by the craftsmanship of their pouch with a lifetime warranty should any need arise.

While it can work with any bag you decide to pair it with, EVERGOODS made it specifically work well with their upcoming CIVIC Half Zip 26L backpack, and both are available for pre-order today directly from EVERGOODS. That will let you save at least 15% off the regular price, and they’re expected to ship in December for a nice end of the year gift for either yourself or a fellow EDCer. Check them out at the links below.

Check Out the CIVIC Access Pouch

Check Out the CIVIC Half Zip 26L

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