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We spend a lot of time picking the right everyday carry travel bag and luggage for our trips away from home, but often times we forget about how we’re going to carry our essential toiletries around for when we get to where we’re going. They’re called essentials for a reason, but too often we toss them into a random sealed bag, or worse, they lie around loose in the main compartment of our carry-on. A specialized toiletry bag like Gravel’s new line of Explorer toiletry bags lets you pick the right size for your trip every time, and holds everything in its proper place. No excess, no mess, and all convenience for your next (future) getaway.

The Gravel Explorer toiletry bags feature a full clamshell opening and zippered mesh organization spaces on the panels that let you sort our your essential personal care items in places that won’t shift as you move between locations. For instance, there’s dedicated space for your electric razor which can also fit taller items, a water-resistant toothbrush pocket, a secret small pocket for smaller valuables like a ring, and even a large outer pocket for even more configurability.

There’s also a clear and removable pouch for your liquid items, letting you keep them in a TSA compliant package that will let you speed through security checkpoints in the future. And you can hang the bag up on a coat hanger or hook fully deployed for added convenience. All of the bags are made out of durable nylon fabric with zippers made for daily use, and Gravel stands by their craftsmanship with a lifetime warranty on all of their models.

Each of the three toiletry bags weighs under a pound, so they don’t add significant heft to your carry. With plenty of thoughtful organization, the bags ensure your next trip doesn’t involve shampoo exploding in your main compartment and soaking all of your clothes before you even get a chance to wear them. Click the link below and check out more about Gravel’s Explorer line, and pick the right one for your personal travel EDC today.

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