FlyPry Titanium Multitool

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You’ve seen tools for your pockets, your keychain, and your bag. What’s next? The FlyPry tool takes EDC gear to a new frontier — your zipper. No, not that zipper… Imagine the zippers on the jacket, backpack, or pouch organizer you might already be carrying made even more useful. With a design inspired by repurposing a broken zipper pull to crack open a beer, the FlyPry crams over 10 handy functions into the size of a standard zipper slide. True to its name, it shifts gears from an easily accessible pull tab to a micro pry bar on the fly. Whether you’re out camping or just managing daily tasks, this multitool gives you a bottle opener, can opener, bit driver, box opener, and more, all within reach. It’s tiny, it’s clever, it’s versatile, and better yet, it’s titanium. Hit up Kickstarter to see all the sizes, colors, and materials available and grab one that’s just right for your carry.

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