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Whether it’s roughing it in the woods for fun or a legitimate survival situation, this functional gear is sure to help anyone get home safely. Our friends over at Huckberry have assembled a package of survival essentials including a waterproof lighter, a keychain EDC kit, a MILSPEC watch, high-vis NATO strap, a weatherproof wallet, and a capable lightweight blade.


This waterproof sleeve is designed to fit the classic Bic lighter like a glove. Tested relentlessly in the field, Exotac has ensured that this protective case will keep your source of fire safe. In addition to floating, the sleeve remains waterproof when submerged to 3 feet for a duration of 30 minutes. Featuring two attachment points (cap and bottom), a gas lock for a constant, hands-free flame, and high visibility orange outer casing, the Firesleeve by Exotac performs.

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A 10-piece survival kit can come in handy, especially when the entire package can fit on a keychain. Huckberry has assembled an EDC kit including a Freekey, Survival Pod, Screw Key set, and a small lighter. The easy access Freekey system allows the user to quickly add or remove items to the keychain with a simple push-to-open design. The highlight of the kit is the Survival Pod – a zipper pull sized survival kit featuring 2, 2’ paracord strands, a concealed sharp eye knife, a fire starter flint, 6” of tinder, 3” of duct tape, a knife sheath and a key ring.

BUY ($35)


Keeping track of time is an important part of surviving – especially for knowing how much daylight is have left in the evening. Marathon has been building watches for various branches of military since the early 1940’s. When a watch has to stand up to anything thrown at it, what better brand to trust than one with over 70 years of experience crafting timepieces for the harshest situations. The Navigator features bright tritium markers at each hour, a high-impact fibershell case, scratch resistant hesalite crystal and 6ATM of water resistance.

BUY ($185)


Despite their recent popularity, NATO straps are not just for looks. Since the strap loops through both sides of the watch, it will not go missing should one of the springbars fail. Matte steel hardware and ultrasonic cutting technology results in a rugged strap that will keep a watch safely secured to the wrist. The vibrant orange color not only looks great, but makes it easy to find a dropped watch or act as a signal when worn on the wrist.

BUY ($15)


It’s not a knife or a firestarter, but a mobile phone is an extremely important part of any survival kit. What better way to keep your lifeline to the world safe, than this water resistant phone pocket from Bellroy? Able to fit more than just a phone, this zippered case can pack 2-8 cards, an additional SIM card, coins and a key. All-weather leather construction will resist rain and the accidental splash while looking great.

BUY ($100)


Weighing only 37 grams, this ultra-light blade from Deejo can always be carried without weighing one down. The minimalist design and juniper wood handle slab result in a unique looking knife that won’t break the bank. 420 stainless steel construction means that it will hold a sharp edge and resist rust – perfect when out in the wild.

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Keeping the sun out of your eyes can be a huge asset when trying to navigate terrain. These classic sunglasses pick up on 1940’s design cues such as slim temple arms, a keyhole bridge, and rounded lenses. 100% UV protection makes it both easier to see and safer to spend long hours in the sun.

BUY ($120)

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