Foursevens Maelstrom MX3F "Flood" Flashlight

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We never realize how vital a good flashlight is to have around until we find ourselves in a situation where we wish we were carrying one. Being unable to see in the dark is one of our most significant disadvantages as humans, so it makes sense that we try to even the playing field a bit with an everyday flashlight that we can depend on, even in the direst circumstances.

With its versatility and reliability, the Maelstrom MX3F “Flood” Flashlight from Foursevens is precisely the kind of flashlight you’d want with you to prepare yourself for a range of situations. It’s a powerful 3 LED flood-style light that’s great if you need a lot of lumens at close to medium range and comes with an array of features and enough adaptability to suit several situations where a flood of light is needed.

It took over a year to develop the MX3F, which is meant to reimagine Foursevens’ original MMU-X3R series. Sharing many features with the Maelstrom MXS Standby light, Foursevens claims that the MX3F is their most powerful light yet. But instead of trying to win the lumen wars, the focus lies on generating usable lumens that you can rely on to get the job done. As its name suggests, the MX3F is designed to output a more even area of light rather than an eye-searing hotspot designed for focused identification or extended throw. It’s the right tool for the job where a uniform output would be ideal for lighting up a space to perform everyday tasks.

An electronic side switch effectively gives you access to four well-spaced ramping levels, with direct access to Burst Mode (100% power) from any setting, including from off, and direct access to the lowest setting from off. Moonlight is the lowest setting, giving you 5 lumens for a generous 250 hours. Low provides 50 lumens for 40 hours. Medium ramps up to 400 lumens for 4.5 hours, and High lights up your surroundings at 1,600 lumens for 1.5 hours. Burst Mode is a feature ported over from the flagship Prometheus Alpha Flashlights. It offers maximum illumination at 2,600 lumens for 30 seconds before automatically ramping down to High mode to conserve battery power and prevent overheating.

Fourseven forgoes the use of plug-in charging points to avoid the chance of mechanical failure and contamination by dust and water when the seals inevitably fail. Instead, the MX3F uses a standard 26650 Li-Ion battery that you can charge with an external charger. This also means that the MX3F can enjoy a lifetime of performance without worrying about a non-removable battery that will inevitably degrade in performance.

The MX3F uses three Nichia 144A LEDs with a 4000K tint and 90+ CRI, an exceptionally balanced tone that is useful for identification in chaotic environments or situations. Swappable optics are one of the most popular features of Foursevens’ Prometheus Delta lights, and the MX3F carries this over with user-swappable TIR optics, allowing you to change between a medium or wide beam profile to suit your specific needs.

Ergonomics plays a crucial factor in the design and development of the MX3F, proven by the asymmetrical grip that makes it easy to know exactly where the side switch is at all times. The MX3F is designed to make activating this button possible with either an overhand or underhand grip.

With its swappable optics, high power, and rugged design, the Foursevens Maelstrom MX3F Flashlight covers a ton of everyday illumination roles, making it an essential addition to your EDC, even as the only light in your collection. Grab yours at the link below.

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