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Keys will always be a part of our daily life. Unfortunately, their jangling in our pockets or bags as they mix with our coins is usually a part of our daily life as well. This makes things like the Orbitkey key organizer essential to our everyday carry. But it doesn’t end there. The humble keyring itself is an often-ignored part of the whole cohesive package. We tend to take keyrings for granted, as we often don’t give a second thought to painfully prying them open with our fingernails whenever we need to add or remove a key from the set.

Leave it to Orbitkey to realize that it’s in improving the small things that make the biggest difference. Building on the first iteration of their already-great Orbitkey Ring, the Orbitkey Ring V2 makes an even bigger case for why we need to drastically rethink how we carry our keys around.

The Orbitkey Ring V2 features the same quick-release locking mechanism present in version 1, but they’ve made it even easier to access with a more prominent lock that you can operate with your eyes closed. Open the Ring by turning the lock so that the lock indicator faces the outside of the ring. From there, you can pull and slide the lock away to expose the opening and add or remove your keys. Closing the Ring is just as simple. You simply need to slide the lock along the ring until it covers the opening, turn the lock so the lock indicator faces the inside, and pull the lock away from the ring. It’s an operation that takes a fraction of a second, making adding and removing keys a significantly more intuitive experience.

While the first Orbitkey Ring used a mix of steel and polymer materials, the V2 gets a durability and longevity upgrade with full 316L stainless steel construction while keeping a slim profile. With a diameter of 1.26”, a thickness of just 0.08”, and an opening of 0.14”, the Orbitkey Ring V2 can easily fit any key, from your standard house keys to full-on car keys and fobs. You don’t even have to stop there. The Orbitkey Ring V2’s functionality is versatile enough to make it an alternative to a bulkier carabiner, keeping your EDC looking lean.

There are four attractive coatings to choose from: Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, Silver, and Black, making it easy to pair with your ensemble’s theme. Grab one (or several) for yourself at the link below.

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