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With the increasing prevalence of smartwatches, traditional watch manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to evolve their products to satisfy customers looking for health-focused activity tracking features and regular timekeeping. It’s no surprise that G-SHOCK has been more than willing to answer the call with the G-SHOCK MOVE collection.

The G-SHOCK MOVE collection features the watches we all know and love for their rugged durability, with the addition of activity tracking via the use of special sensors and Bluetooth connectivity to the G-SHOCK MOVE smartphone app. The latest addition to the MOVE family is the MOVE Utility collection, three unique models highlighted by urban-inspired colors in light beige with black accents, olive green, and khaki.


Featuring the iconic square form factor reminiscent of the very first G-SHOCK, the GBD200UU-9 goes a step further with a new operating system displayed on a highly readable MIP (Memory In Pixel) screen. At just 15mm thin, the GBD200 is among the slimmer G-SHOCK watches available, and thanks to its full resin construction from the case and bezel to the band, it weighs in at a mere 58 grams. The digital display allows the GBD200 to relay even more information, such as distance, speed, pace, calories burned, daily step counts, and monthly running distance. It also features a new timer for interval measurements which comes in handy for perfecting your run times and other high-intensity training.

Like the rest of the G-SHOCK MOVE family, the watch relies on the G-SHOCK MOVE app to track your workout goals, but it also opens up several other features, such as phone notifications. The GBD200 successfully offers a best-of-both-worlds experience, combining exercise-tracking elements with G-SHOCK’s outstanding feature set, durability, and reliability, with the bonus of not having to charge your watch every two days. And with its new beige colorway with black accents, it’s an attractive package that fits many EDC color themes as well.


With the familiar round case we typically see on G-SHOCK analog-digital models, the GBA900UU-3A (olive green) and GBA900UU-5A (khaki) include 200 meter water resistance, a stopwatch, timer, world time, alarm, and regular timekeeping functions. New additions include wireless connectivity via Bluetooth to the G-SHOCK MOVE app and a step counter accelerometer.

The app uses your smartphone’s GPS to track your fitness activities. Combined with the step counter, the watch relays information such as calories burned, basal metabolic rate, distance, and of course, step counts. Double LED lights (one for the dial and another for the digital display) ensure you’ll always get a clear view of the data, even in darkness.

At just $150 for the GBD200UU-9 and $140 for either the GBA900UU-3A or GBA900UU-5A, the G-SHOCK MOVE Utility collection is priced too well to ignore. Check them out at the links below.

Check Out the GBD200UU-9

Check Out the GBA900UU-3A

Check Out the GBA900UU-5A

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