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If you’re reading this, you probably already have an EDC bag. You’ve spent a lot of time picking one with suitable space and convenience to get you through your day. But what happens when you need more space than originally planned when you left your house? For example, how do you deal with a spur-of-the-moment trip to the grocery store? What do you do when you need to bring back some souvenirs that can’t fit in your travel bag? Ultralightweight, packable bags come in handy in these cases. For example, there’s the new Peak Design Packable Tote, an unstructured yet durable bag constructed out of a single piece of fabric that packs into itself to form a bag within a bag that you can bring out whenever you need a bit more space.

The Peak Design Packable Tote weighs just 80 grams, thanks to its single-piece construction. It features a recycled 70D nylon ripstop fabric with a water-resistant coating, making it more durable and resistant to weather than a shopping bag or even a branded grocery tote that you might find at the checkout line. The unstructured nature of the bag allows it to pack down to a compact footprint in a larger pack or sling.

But when you need it, you get a full 12 liters of added capacity in a high-strength container that zips closed for added security when you’re on the move. And unlike the standard grocery bag or ad-hoc plastic bag container, the Peak Design Packable Tote comes with a lifetime warranty, making it a buy-it-for-life bag that will last you through the years.

With its minimalist and lightweight construction, durability, and lifetime warranty, the Peak Design Packable Tote is hard to beat when it comes to having an extra bag on hand to deal with your additional storage needs. The strength of the design makes it possible to use as your primary bag if you’re traveling light as well. Click the link below to learn more about the Peak Design Packable Tote and buy one today.

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