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Even as we practice self-isolation and social distancing during this pandemic, you’re bound to run into situations where you’ll need to venture out in public. Whether that might be heading to your essential job or picking up food, it’s crucial to do everything you can to keep you and those around you safe. If there’s one extra step we as EDCers can take to do that, it’s using a no-touch tool like the new Gear Infusion FoldAwayHook to minimize contact with potentially infectious surfaces in public. Its first-of-its-kind design takes functional cues from an EDC staple, the folding knife, to help perform common tasks as an extension of your hand then neatly fold closed after touching public surfaces. From opening doors to opening packages, the Gear Infusion FoldAwayHook uses its promising combination of functions, materials, and design to make it a worthy addition to your pandemic EDC.

For a no-touch tool to be effective enough to earn a spot in your EDC, it needs to do a few things. First, it should capably carry out common tasks in place of your hands or fingers, like opening doors or pressing elevator buttons. Next, it should be easy to carry and handle with little risk of spreading germs or viruses. Lastly, it should be convenient both to use and to carry with you so you don’t resort to using your hands. Gear Infusion’s FoldAwayHook looks to check all these boxes thanks to its clever folding design that saves space and minimizes contact between your hand and parts of the tool that have touched common surfaces. Its use of brass on the “blade” of the tool also helps in viral defense, as the copper content is naturally antimicrobial.

The hook deploys via a rear flipper tab similar you’d find on a pocket knife. But unlike a knife, the hook’s open position is locked to a 90 degree angle, making it excel at pulling motions, like when opening doors or carrying grocery bags. You can also use the end of the hook to press buttons on an elevator or ATM, for example. The brass hook comes to a downward pointed tip that you use on touchscreens, like when checking out at the grocery store. It’s even skeletonized a bit to save on weight. While the FoldAwayHook does not feature a traditional locking mechanism, a specially designed pivot and O-ring keep the hook closed or open via friction.

The FoldAwayHook’s aluminum handle also sets it apart from other no-touch tools on the market, serving as another layer of separation from the brass hook to help keep bacteria and pathogens at bay. Inside the handle, teflon guards further ensure the brass tool doesn’t come into contact with the rest of the handle. The handle features finger grooves for better grip, which is especially welcome when wearing gloves or performing tasks that require a bit more dexterity. The business end of the handle also comes to a point that can puncture packing tape and open boxes as a bonus feature. A keyring attachment point on the end of the handle, a 1.7oz total weight, and 4“ total length make the FoldAwayHook easy to carry with the rest of your EDC.

You can pick up a Gear Infusion FoldAwayHook for 30% off MSRP from their Indiegogo campaign page right now with orders expected to ship this July. Be sure to check out the tool in full detail at the link below and secure yours before the project ends on Tuesday, May 19th.

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