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A utility knife manages to do a lot with a little, thanks to a practical convenience and an efficient utility in its simplicity. And while there’s hundreds of utility knives to choose from for your workbench or EDC, a few exceptional knives stand out against the rest. The Resolute Tools X-1 is an ultralight titanium knife from designers who try to squeeze maximum utility and reliability from minimum weight and mass. The brains and the passion behind Resolute Tools are actual aerospace engineers, fabricators, and pilots involved in the design of special-mission prototype aircraft. Producing elegant designs, selecting high-tech materials, and utilizing cutting-edge fabrication techniques are part of their everyday job, and is at the heart of this everyday tool.

The X-1 was born out of their desire to find a sleek and minimalist EDC utility knife that required minimal maintenance, could be opened and closed with a single hand, and was small and light enough to carry in the fifth pocket of your pants. The goal was to use standard, low-cost replaceable blades, and that changing the blades should be easy and require no tools. The engineers couldn’t find one that met all of their needs in the way they wanted, so they decided to use their talents and design their own. The X-1 moniker is a tribute to the first crewed NASA experimental rocket plane to break the sound barrier—a clear inspiration for the Resolute Tools team.

Because one of their requirements was to have a knife with very few moving parts, the X-1 has three: a 6AL-4V titanium frame with a high strength-to-weight ratio, a smooth, gliding 954 aluminum-bronze alloy slider chosen for its low friction against titanium, and of course, the replaceable blade. Utilizing the aerospace engineering tools and techniques at their disposal, the design of the frame itself was checked by simulated stress testing via finite element analysis. With a shape rendered in CAD and produced through precise CNC machining, the X-1 boasts a lightweight and resilient chassis that is only 0.125″ thick and keeps the weight of the whole knife down to 0.445 ounces, even with a blade installed. It allows for fast, tool-less blade replacement, and features a pocket clip that secures the X-1 in your pocket or pack, ready when you reach for it.

At 2.67″ long when closed and only 0.282″ thick including the engraved slider and pocket clip, the Resolute Tools X-1 exemplifies simplicity, pocketability, and a great function-to-weight ratio. It’s the result of in-house design, prototyping, and manufacturing—all done in the USA—by a group of people obsessed with making things fly fast. Their fully funded Kickstarter campaign has reached nearly triple their goal, so pledge for your X-1 at the link below.

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