Gear Infusion PulseX1 Ultra Slim Minimalist Wallet

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These days you’ll find more and more minimalist wallets taking the place of traditional leather wallets in people’s pockets, especially with many stores and establishments going cashless since the pandemic started. These slimmer wallets optimized for carrying mostly cards have become the norm in many considered EDCs thanks to the multitude of pocket-friendly options out there from brands and gear makers. Gear Infusion, best known for their pocket multi-tools like the EverRatchet, throw their hat in the wallet ring with the PulseX1 minimalist wallet. The PulseX1 offers plenty of storage capacity for both cards and cash while keeping bulk to a minimum as a result of a clever pass-through elastic band design.

The PulseX1 features an expandable design, consisting of two plates, CNC-machined from solid metal, held together by an elastic band. Gear Infusion takes this tried-and-true construction to the next level all in pursuit of ultra-slimness. The secret lies in internal channels machined out of the metal plates for the elastic band to run through. This SnapTrack Elastic Channel secures the band in place without adding any external thickness, since it’s all internally integrated. The metal plates themselves barely add mass to the wallet’s profile with a combined thickness of 0.230″ and also protect the contents inside from RFID scans.

Its expandable design accommodates up to 15 cards, and accessing them cards is a simple matter of pushing them out via dedicated thumb slot cut outs on both plates. This will allow you to quickly access two of your most used cards (like your driver’s license and your main credit card) without needing to open the wallet. And if you’re going to be carrying a little bit of extra cash, you can actually re-route the elastic strap to hold your bills on the outside, taking full advantage of the space it provides. This re-adjustment can be performed without any tools, so you’ll have all the flexibility you need while on the go.

Whether you’re looking to make the change from traditional to minimalist wallets or are looking to slim down your carry even more without losing any capacity, the PulseX1 is worth checking out. Even better, during launch day of its IndieGoGo campaign, you’ll be able to pick one up in one of four different colors with a 40% discount. That means you’ll be able to pick up an ultra slim, full-metal wallet at a special price of $25. Check it out at the link below.

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