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The original EverRatchet multi-tool quickly became a crowd-favorite EDC gadget ever since its successful Indiegogo campaign last year. Its unique design allowed it to ratchet around a standard bit, making it a very effective screwdriver and wrench for its size. This year, GearInfusion is back with a new edition of the EverRatchet, which makes the tool even more useful than before with a pocket clip and enhanced durability that’ll let you take on heavier duty tasks with ease. And with GearInfusion’s long history of developing successful tools via crowdfunding (they’ve delivered five so far), the new EverRatchet Clip promises to be their strongest offering yet.

The heart of the EverRatchet is the namesake ratcheting beam built into the tool which allows it to rotate around a standard 1/4 inch bit, letting you manipulate the tool without having to spin it entirely around to get the job done. With the new tool, GearInfusion has upgraded the materials used, from grade 2 to grade 5 titanium. This premium upgrade isn’t just for show: it makes the tool 25% stronger, letting it take up to 25 inch-pounds more torque applied to the ratcheting system. This improved capacity lets you take on heavy-duty tasks where screws and nuts are really stuck on and hard to budge without having to reach for a full-sized tool set, if you even have one available.

The improvement to the metal also extends to the fact that there are no more rubber suppression bands needed to keep the tool bit of your choice in the tool during storage: undercut teeth clamp onto the bit and keep it securely in place. And, as the name of the new tool implies, there’s a new pocket clip built into the tool which lets you attach it to your belt loop along with your keys for a simple, secure, and streamlined everyday carry.

For a limited time only, you can save 40% off the going price of the EverRatchet Clip when you make a pledge to GearInfusion’s Indiegogo campaign and secure a Clip for yourself.  And while delivery is slated for after the holidays, GearInfusion’s crowdfunding track record so far has had their tools in the hands of their backers up to 1.5 weeks early, something most crowdfunding projects can’t even hold a candle to. With its premium upgraded materials, smart changes to its design, and a history of being a popular tool in the hands of many an EDCer, the new EverRatchet Clip is a must-buy. Get one for yourself at the link below.

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