Gerber in 2022: The Dual-Force Multi-tool

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Gerber has been such a staple in the EDC community that it’s hard to remember a point when one of their tools was making waves as a popular carry choice. Between the iconic Shard and Dime and newer staples like the Prybrid and custom made in the USA knives, they’ve been covering your tool bases for years. 2022 ushers in a new generation of useful gear from Gerber, and starting things off is a heavy hitter multi-tool called the Dual-Force.


12 tools

Unique new plier design

Center-Axis bit driver

4.65“ length

What we like: The butterfly opening Dual-Force takes its inspiration and aesthetic from the Center-Drive that came before it, while introducing a new plier design not yet seen in modern multi-tools. This is where it gets its name—the pliers operate with a 2-position slip-lock design and larger teeth for better leverage (Gerber says it’s twice the jaw strength and twice the grip force) and even better control. Pair this with a layered jaw construction and the Dual-Force is a serious contender for an actual dedicated pair of pliers, which is a common weakness for multi-tool pliers and may have contributed to the rise of EDC-friendly dedicated tools like the KNIPEX Cobra pliers.

But a new and powerful set of teeth isn’t the only thing the Dual-Force brings to the table. It comes with 12 tools including a full-sized 3.25“ knife and the Center-Axis bit driver (itself operating like a dedicated screwdriver) from its predecessor as well, covering most of your tool bases in a 12-ounce package. And when you’re done for the day, an included fabric sheath carries and protects the multi-tool until it’s ready for its next day of work.

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What we don’t like: It’s actually hard to find anything to dislike about the Dual-Force. The Center-Drive that came before it was a sleeper hit of a multi-tool, and its DNA is alive and well in its successor while bringing even more unique features to the table. For a while now the multi-tool market has been playing catch up to smaller and more affordable tools that have become new EDC staples, and the Dual-Force’s ability to perform on par with dedicated tools helps close the gap. The price is in a nice sweet spot too at exactly $100, putting it well below its competition. We’ll likely have more to say when we get the Dual-Force in hand, but at the moment, the only drawback is the fact that it isn’t available yet.

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