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Trending: Gerber Prybrid Utility

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Mon Garcia
Trending: Gerber Prybrid Utility

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Sometimes you don’t need a full-sized knife for your everyday cutting tasks, or your work environment prevents you from carrying one. That’s where a dedicated, compact utility blade like the Gerber Prybrid Utility comes in. It re-engineers the standard box cutter, offering the convenience of standard replaceable blades while also featuring seven other functions. A steel-cased slide mechanism deploys and retracts the blade smoothly, and fully extending it allows for quick and easy blade replacement. The spine of the tool provides a rigid platform for a prybar, while integrating a wire stripper, a nail puller, flathead drivers, and an always useful bottle opener.

Under the tool there’s a cord cutter notch that allows you to sever cordage or webbing without having to deploy the main blade. All of this is sandwiched between textured and tough G10 scales that help with handling and grip. At 2.9 ounces and 4.25" closed, the Gerber Prybrid Utility lets you maximize functionality in a compact package that’s easy to pocket or hang off your keychain.

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Adam Howes-Wray ·
Part of my daily carry now. I use Slice ceramic blades though👍🏻
After getting one of these, I rarely carry a knife anymore. Just swap out the blade and its literally razor sharp!
Dirk Frentzel ·
I used it at my work. Works very well and with a Paracord and Bead it looks great.