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It could be argued that the G-SHOCK MUDMAN is the ultimate representation of Kikuo Ibe’s vision of what a G-SHOCK should be. First introduced in 1985, the G-SHOCK MUDMAN DW-5500C showcased innovations that would shape the G-SHOCK line for years to come. It was the first to introduce a mud and dust-resistant structure designed to prevent dirt and mud from getting into the watch and damaging the internals.

The latest evolution of the MUDMAN series, the G-SHOCK GW9500, encapsulates the absolute toughness of the G-SHOCK line while adding features that further enhance its usability in extreme conditions. It’s inspired by professional gear built to perform in the harshest environments. From rescue missions to wilderness survival, the GW9500’s solid, rugged design delivers strength, slimness, and ease of use.

The highlight of the MUDMAN line has always been its mud-resistant construction, which the new MUDMAN GW9500 enhances. Cylindrical stainless-steel parts protect the front button and three direct sensor buttons, and feature oversized, easy-to-operate pushers that keep mud and water out. Even the button shafts come equipped with gasket fittings that prevent contamination with dirt and dust. The case, bezel, and band are made from bio-based resins produced using renewable organic resources such as castor oil plants and corn. This material helps reduce environmental impact without sacrificing durability or comfort.

At the heart of the G-SHOCK MUDMAN GW9500 is its Triple Sensor, which senses natural environmental changes in magnetism (for compass bearing), atmospheric pressure (for altitude and barometric pressure readings), and temperature. These functions allow you to plan your activities ahead of time and will warn you when sudden weather changes are predicted to occur. The MUDMAN GW9500’s Multi-band 6 system receives radio signals from six stations worldwide (two in Japan, China, the USA, the UK, and Germany) to adjust the time automatically, ensuring accurate timekeeping wherever you are.

To minimize bulk from previous iterations, its bezel height was reduced by cutting the glass and employing a new glass adhesion method without sacrificing the Carbon Core Guard’s high rigidity and durability. The case measures just 14.8 mm, making it just 3 mm shy of the thinnest G-SHOCKs on the market. All this while incorporating Triple Sensor technology and a duplex LCD (dual-layer LCD), which is an incredible engineering feat no matter how you look at it. This is the first time the duplex LCD has been used in the G-SHOCK. The LCD’s dual layers enhance the digital compass’s readability, which is helpful during survival situations in unpredictable weather. The top layer shows compass graphics, while the bottom layer offers a large display of the time and various measurements.

Two of the three variants, the GW9500-3 and the GW9500-1A4, utilize a negative LCD, which also marks the first time a G-SHOCK brand uses a negative LCD with a dual-layer construction. The screen’s legibility in the dark won’t be a problem thanks to its Super Illuminator function that provides a high-brightness full auto LED backlight for the LCD, activated by tilting your wrist or pressing a button.

Naturally, the G-SHOCK MUDMAN GW9500 includes all the functions that make the G-SHOCK line great, including shock resistance, 200-meter water resistance, Tough Solar charging, world time for 48 cities, a 1/10-second stopwatch, countdown timer, five daily alarms, and sunrise/sunset times. With features that suit its purpose as a tough, dependable, and useful timepiece in any situation, the G-SHOCK MUDMAN GW9500 is an environment-proof outdoors watch that delivers on its promises of durability and strength.

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