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With a deep appreciation for high-quality craftsmanship, excellent design executions, and tools as stylish as they are functional, most EDCers are also collectors at heart. Whether it’s watches, knives, flashlights, or fidget toys, we appreciate the work that goes behind our favorite gear that makes them unique. Thankfully, The Combo Deck EDC Organizer from Holme & Hadfield offers a great way to put our treasured collections on display for us to admire while simultaneously keeping them safe from the elements.

The Combo Deck combines the best features from Holme & Hadfield’s successful The Watch Deck and The Knife Deck displays into a versatile display case that can accommodate both. The posts of the Combo Deck are removable and interchangeable, allowing you to create a customized display. They use a fixed locking mechanism, securing your knives and accessories in place by eliminating any risk of movement or falling.

An acrylic cover that can stand at a 90-degree angle via a new hinge makes it easy to access your watches and knives in The Combo Deck while protecting them from dust and other harmful elements. It’s also much more convenient now than removing and replacing the cover like the other Deck models. Its drawers are lined with an attractive felt for added protection and offer even more storage for the rest of your gear.

For those looking to take The Combo Deck to the next level, Holme & Hadfield also offer Vegan Leather Padding as an upgrade. The cushioned base of the Vegan Leather Padding enhances the look and feel of The Combo Deck while supplying some added protection, not to mention the added leather benefit of a personalized patina over time.

Four additional watch or knife pillars are available from Holme & Hadfield, which increases your customization options to create your own personal display. Available in Walnut or Black, The Combo Deck offers EDCers an excellent opportunity to showcase their hard-earned and carefully curated collection. Pick your options for the perfect display combo from Holme & Hadfield’s Kickstarter campaign at the link below.

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