8 Accessories to Organize Your EDC Bag

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So you’ve finally tracked down what feels like the perfect EDC bag. It’s built to last and can hold everything you’d ever need. But being truly prepared doesn’t stop at just having a solid bag and all the right contents. Keeping everything properly organized is just as crucial—it ensures you can get what you need when you need it, and it makes carrying everything much easier. Most of the time, bags have some built-in organization, but we EDCers tend to need more. In this guide, we’ll break down our favorite accessories that can help keep your EDC odds and ends organized neatly.


The Grid-It is a matrix of grippy elastic bands, fixed to a sturdy backing. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they’re perfect for holding onto items of all sizes. Simply stretch the band, slip in some gear, and place it back in your bag. The best part about using the Grid-It system is how easy it makes switching between different bags. If everything you need is already attached, place it in your other bag and be on your way.

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Velcro Cable Ties

Wrapping up a cable by itself isn’t the neatest way to carry them. If the inside of your bag looks like a birds nest, then pick up some velcro cable ties. These loop around the cable first, so they’re harder to lose. The ties good for more than cables too. You can secure a knife to some MOLLE webbing, temporarily strap a battery pack to your phone, and much more.

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Pouch Organizer

If you like the idea of swapping your gear between bags, consider a pouch organizer. The extra step of unzipping the pouch makes it a little harder to get at your EDC, but it adds an extra layer of security. There are plenty of pouches out there, so make sure you find the one best suited to your needs. We like the Maxpedition Micro Pocket Organizer for basic EDC use.

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Camera Insert

Carrying around a dedicated camera bag might be a bit excessive, especially if you’re not carrying a camera every day. Camera bags also scream “there’s a lot of expensive gear in here.” A great way to organize your camera body, lenses, and accessories is with a camera bag insert that fits right into your EDC bag. They provide padding and organization, and can used as needed. Make sure you check out the dimensions of your bag before picking one up to ensure a perfect fit.

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Internal Flashlight

Finding things inside your bag can be a hassle in itself. You can attach a small flashlight to the inside to find whatever it is you need, no matter how dark it is inside your bag. We like the Nitecore Tube for its small size, rechargeable battery, and price. Not only will this small flashlight light up the inside of your bag, but it will also serve as an excellent backup light that’s always on hand.

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Locking Mini Carabiner

Mini carabiners are great for keeping loose gear in one spot. This locking version from Nite Ize will clip onto a knife, flashlight, or keys and keep them right where you want them. Since it locks, you can clip it to the inside, or outside of your bag without worry. Carabiners are also great for holding things together and making quick fixes. Even if this one lives inside your bag, it’s nice to know that one is close by.

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Admin Pouch

Admin pouches are used in the law enforcement and tactical communities to hold small, mission-critical items. Basically, it’s just a small organized pouch with easy access. This example by Condor has ample room for small accessories like a pen, flashlight, and notebook. You can carry it on the outside of your bag, thanks to the MOLLE-compatible straps on the back. There’s a hook-and-loop section on the front that’s customizable with your favorite morale patches to add personal flair.

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Packing Cubes

Going away for a few days? Bring some packing cubes. These lightweight fabric pouches are best for keeping clean clothes separate from dirty ones. By compressing and containing your clothes, you can easily get to the rest of the bag’s contents. It prevents the awkward “empty your bag” shuffle just because you need something that’s drifted to the bottom.

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How do you organize your EDC bag? Let us know how in the comments below!

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