HuMn RFID Mini Wallet

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We’ve mentioned the benefits of a minimalist front pocket wallet over the usual back pocket brick as one way to Carry Smarter. HuMn’s RFID Mini Wallet fits well into our recommendations of an ideal wallet, making use of the best material and features currently available. Its plates are machined from lightweight and sturdy 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, powder-coated in matte black for a discreet look. The strap is made from polyurethane rubber designed to maintain the elasticity needed to secure your essentials. Its front plate has a machined thumb slot for easy access to your cards or bills. Suited for front pocket carry, it measures just fractions of an inch larger than an average credit card and weighs only 1.6 ounces. The HuMn Wallet also comes with drilled holes on its corners, letting you suspend it off a lanyard or chain. If you’re ready to upgrade your bulky bilfold, the HuMn Mini is on sale from our online shop at the link below.


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