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Jack Carr is a former Navy SEAL and a New York Times bestselling author. His work includes political action thrillers such as The Terminal List, True Believer, and Savage Son. He’s just finished his latest book, The Devil’s Hand, and took some time to share with us how his experience in the military shapes both his writing and his everyday carry gear.

Could you tell us about what you do now after serving in the military?

Carr: I was a Navy SEAL for twenty years. I left the military in 2016 to write. I am the author of The Terminal List, True Believer, Savage Son, and The Devil’s Hand. The Terminal List is currently filming episodes for its first season. Chris Pratt is starring as my protagonist, Navy SEAL sniper James Reece. Antoine Fuqua is directing. It is scheduled to drop on Amazon Prime in 2022.

What’s in your everyday carry?

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See Jack Carr’s Full Everyday Carry

Carr: The SIG P320 AXG Scorpion shoots like my old P226 that I carried in the SEAL Teams. I tried a lot of different holsters over the years and absolutely love the Black Point Tactical Mini-Wing. I have a small Surefire weapon mounted light. If I am carrying a weapon mounted light, then I also carry a small handheld so I have options and don’t cover something with my pistol that doesn’t need to be covered because I’m using the light on my pistol when that might not be appropriate. I’ve been wearing Gatorz sunglasses since 1998 and this exact pair was with me on every deployment. My ARES Watch is designed by a friend with time at the CIA. My Dynamis belt has a few secrets. It was designed by my SEAL Teammate Dom Raso at Dynamis Alliance. My wallet is from my longtime friends at Ball and Buck. My fixed blade is designed by former SEAL Bill Rapier and is just for fighting so it stays sharp. My folder is made by my SEAL Teammate Andrew Arrabito. I use that one for everything other than fighting. Not pictured is my daily carry backpack, a SITKA Drifter, which has a med kit from Dark Angel Medical which includes a tourniquet and a copy or two of my latest novel in case I run into a reader who might like a signed edition.

Awesome gear, thank you for sharing. As expected, every item here is carefully considered. What motivates you to EDC and how does it shape your gear choices?

Carr: I carry because it is my responsibility to protect that most precious of all gifts, the gift of life. As a husband and father, it is my responsibility to be prepared to defend my family rather than rely on others to do so. It is not only my job to be prepared with the tools necessary to protect but to also be prepared through training. I train at Thunder Ranch at their beautiful facility in Oregon. Maybe I’ll see you on the range.

Excellent point about training — it’s just as important to know how to use your gear than to simply have it on you. With that said, what’s your favorite item in your EDC?

Carr: I like having options depending on what I’m doing and where I’m going. I also carry the SIG P365 in a Black Point Tactical Mini-Wing and also have an ankle ring for it if that makes sense for what I’m wearing and what I’m doing. On my vehicles I have seat back organizers from Grey Man Tactical and a go-bag from Fieldcraft Survival.

You’ve written an impressive number of books for having started so recently after your time in the NAVY. How do you find the inspiration to write these stories?

Carr: The inspiration for my novels comes from a lifetime of reading. I am first a fan of the thriller genre. Growing up I naturally gravitated to books and movies with protagonists who had backgrounds I wanted to have in real life one day. I read everything by Tom Clancy, David Morrell, Nelson DeMille, A.J. Quinnell, J.C. Pollock, Louis L’Amour, Marc Olden and Stephen Hunter.  Though I didn’t know it at the time, these authors were my early professors in the art of storytelling. Later, I found Daniel Silva, Vince Flynn, Brad Thor and Mark Greaney. Throughout my life I have also studied history, more specifically the history of warfare; special operations, terrorism, insurgencies and counter-insurgencies. That early reading, coupled with the academic study of war and my experiences on the battlefield in Iraq and Afghanistan, all form the foundation for my series of novels.

On top of all that reading and writing, how else do you spend your time these days?

Carr: Right now, I am focused on writing my 5th novel and taking care of my family. My wife and I are busy juggling our three children and dog.

It’s no surprise you’re already hard at work on your next novel now that The Devil’s Hand is out in the world. What else can we look forward to from you?

The Devil’s Hand, my 4th novel in the New York Times bestselling series just hit the shelves on April 13. My podcast, Danger Close: Beyond the Books with Jack Carr is out now and available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and my Jack Carr YouTube channel. The Amazon series with Chris Pratt will be coming in hot in 2022. You can get more information on the gear I used in the SEAL Teams and what I carry today on my website (be sure to sign up for my newsletter to stay in touch!). You can follow along on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at @jackcarrusa.

Thanks for taking the time to share your work and your EDC with our readers. Before you go, what’s one tip you’d give to our readers?

Carr: Never pay attention to the odds. People will love to tell you how hard something is, like how difficult it is to make it through BUD/S (SEAL Training) or how low the odds are of getting published. File that away and focus all your bandwidth on doing the work you need to do in order to get where you want to go, regardless of what that dream may be. And, along that journey, never miss an opportunity to make someone’s day.

You can get your copy of Jack Carr’s latest thriller, The Devil’s Hand, on Amazon today.

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